Anya Taylor-Joy is rumored to play Spider-Man’s femme fatale

King’s Gambit actress Anya Taylor-Joy could be the next star to join the MCU.

Anya Taylor-Joy is rumored to play this Spider-Man

It is widely known that Sony Pictures Entertainment owns the rights to the film adaptation of Spider-Man, and over the years, the company has worked with Marvel Studios to integrate this web hero into the game’s world. Marvel Cinematic Universe… The collaboration has brought both studios numerous achievements, their latest project. Spider-Man: No Way Home grossed $ 1 billion at the box office, and Sony and Marvel have expressed a desire to continue working together.

After it turned out that Spiderman 4 is actively working, there is a new rumor that Sony Pictures wants King’s gambit actor Anya Taylor-Joy will play the famous femme fatale from the Spider-Man universe – Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat.


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Anya Taylor – Joy to join the MCU?

Several fan portals, including @MarvlUpdates, have reported on Twitter that Sony is reportedly looking to play Anya Taylor-Joy as Spider-Man’s love interest / enemy / ally, depending on which path the film takes. Previously, actress Felicity Jones played a character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Tricia Helfer voiced the character in Spectacular Spiderman animated series.

Felicia Hardy possesses feline abilities, including increased strength and agility. She also has an aura of bad luck that she can use against her enemies. When her abilities are later modified, she is given extraordinary balance and retractable claws.

Comic book fans know the character as a friend and foe of Spider-Man, and they have a complicated relationship. The black cat was attracted only by Spider-Man’s alter ego, and he was not interested in the ordinary life of the hero as Peter Parker. When his personality is revealed, she begins to dislike him.

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Anya Taylor-Joy has been in the news since she appeared in Witchbut her award-winning role in the Netflix miniseries, King’s gambit, cemented her the role of one of the most talented new actresses in Hollywood.

She has demonstrated her acting skills on a wide variety of projects, from playing an orphan prodigy on a Netflix show to a psychological horror movie. Last night in Soho, where she played the aspiring singer Sandy. Taylor-Joy can’t do anything, so we’re sure fans will appreciate it if she plays the role of Black Cat and tells us about it!

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