Apartment manager does not take cash for $0.02 bill, result of malicious compliance

This story sounds like something Franz Kafka would write if he were alive in the 21st century. However, this actually happened to a Reddit user Lantista..

Not long ago, he received a letter from his former apartment manager, saying he still owed them $0.02. So the man collected the money and left to pay the debt personally, showing his deep remorse and willingness to repent.


However, the apartment manager clearly thought that the damage he had caused was too great to be forgiven so quickly, and wanted to prolong his suffering. He refused to accept cash for the bill.

Being a programmer, Lanista created a new plan in search of forgiveness, and when all was said and done, he even Told the subreddit ‘Malicious Compliance’ about it Keep scrolling to see what he wrote too.

The man tried to pay off his $0.02 loan in cash, but his former apartment manager wouldn’t accept it.

Image credit: Jeff Weiss (not original photo)

So he sent a check for $0.03 and demanded a refund.


Image credit: Ryutaro Tsukata (not original photo)

Image credit: lentesta

The original poster (OP) provided more details on the funny situation in the comments.

And people appreciated the way it was handled.

While many people also shared their own similar stories.

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