Apprentice 2022 roster: who will be on BBC One?

The all-new series, The Apprentice, has returned to BBC One after having been off the air for two years due to the pandemic.

16 new candidates are joining The Apprentice hoping to receive a £ 250,000 investment in their business idea and 50/50 partnership with Lord Sugar. Find out who’s in line here.


Take a look who will be competing for this year’s journeyman.[/caption]

Who is in The Apprentice 2022?



Aaron Willis hopes to win The Apprentice 2022[/caption]

Aaron Willis is a 38-year-old flight instructor from Lancashire.

After serving in the Air Force for 12 years, he decided to start his own security business.

Traveling the world in different professions, Aaron is “thirsty for success.”

“My greatest strength is that I can sell to anyone, and I think that’s why my business will be successful, because people will buy from me.”



Student candidate Akim Bundu-Kamara[/caption]

Akim Bundu-Kamara is a 29-year-old strategy manager for a London-based financial firm.

Akin describes himself as a humane person, but because he is a “guy with numbers,” his analytical skills make him think strategically about every move he makes.

“Growing up made me who I am, I can connect with everyone, but I can also show myself this financial, business side.”



Akshay Takrar student candidate[/caption]

Akshay Takrar is a 28-year-old digital marketing agency owner based in London.

He considers sleep a “waste of time” and states that his first word as a newborn was “profit.”

He believes that he was put on this planet for one and only one thing – to make money.

“My friends call me AK47 because I am a killer salesman.”



Apprentice candidate Alex Short[/caption]

Alex Short is a 27-year-old owner of a commercial cleaning company based in Hertford.

He’s a determined businessman who “isn’t going to stop” until he gets to what he wants.

Even though he graduated from high school in junior sixth grade, his turnover will triple.

“I would compare myself to a Ferrari, shiny on the outside, but there is a lot of fire under the hood and I am following you.”


Amy Ansel is a 48-year-old beauty brand owner from London.

Amy found true love for her beauty business.

She takes business very seriously and is determined to present herself as a “tough boss.”

“I can be good when I need to, but when, unfortunately, I have to be a bitch, I …”


The Brittany Carter Hotel, built 25 years ago, is located opposite the Bristol manager.

She would describe herself as someone who is optimistic about life.

She needs Lord Sugar’s help with her business idea to create the first alcoholic protein drink.

“My motto for life is:“ Always look to the bright side and be grateful for everything ”- every day when I wake up, I write 10 things for which I am grateful, and when I go to bed, I reflect on 5 things that I am. grateful from that day. “


Conor Gilsenan is a 28-year-old sales manager and former professional rugby player from London.

He describes himself as hardworking and “hyper-motivated by money.”

His business idea involves a fleet of quirky food and beverage vendors targeting music and sports events.

“I’m going to be the corporate boardroom panther, I’m going to be the perfect business partner for Lord Sugar.”


Francesca Kennedy Wallbank is the 26-year-old owner of a sustainable Surrey-based company.

Mathematics graduate Francesca is looking for investment in her next venture.

She wants to prove that the product allows the company to reduce its carbon footprint by using her own simple equation.

She is confident that she will win, saying: “I have never lost anything, I always win.”

“There are two types of people in the world: there are people who say they are going to do something, and people who are actually doing it, and I am a doer.”


Harry Mahmood is a 35-year-old regional operations manager from the West Midlands.

Harry wants to express his gratitude from his grandparents by helping and supporting people.

He describes himself as “the Asain version of Lord Sugar”.

He hopes to partner with Lord Sugar to grow his bath bomb business.

“Everything that I aspired to, I achieved. I did literally everything I wanted to. “


Harpreet Kaur is a 30-year-old dessert parlor owner from West Yorkshire.

She describes herself as a born leader who is fearless.

She wants to grow her already successful six-figure coffee and cake business to become a leading brand in the UK.

“I’m definitely not in business to make friends, I’m here to make money, and I’m pretty sure Lord Sugar isn’t looking for a new friend.”


Catherine Louise Byrne – 29: Owner of an online pajamas store in Swindon.

After working in various jobs, she plans to develop her pajama business.

She describes herself as ambitious and “wild”.

“My dreams in my head are absolutely huge, and I believe that I can make them come true.”


Navid Soul is a 27-year-old pharmacist from London.

He aims to build a successful pharmacy business with the help of Lord Sugar.

Navid plans to stay true to himself throughout his journey to The Apprentice.

“Nothing scares me because I just feel like a strong character, a strong person with a strong mindset.”


Nick Showring is a 31-year-old financial manager from London.

By following his family business, the qualified accountant hopes to make a name for himself in the flavored water drinks industry.

He describes himself as a person and a person who is a lot of fun.

“In business, I am a force to be reckoned with. I know what I’m talking about, I know how everything works, and I have a lot of experience. So I’m a bit of a beast in the boardroom. “


Sohpy Wilding, 32-year-old owner of a boutique cocktail bar from Cheltenham.


Shama Amin, a 41-year-old kindergarten owner from Bradford.


Stephanie Affleck is a 28-year-old Kent-based children’s online store owner.

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