Archer star Amber Nash’s favorite relationship on the show makes too much sense

Amber Nash isn’t shy when it comes to what she really thinks of her Archer character. Of all the relationships on the show, Nash’s favorite dynamic is the chaotic bond between Archer and Pam. Although Archer and Pam have opposite personalities, they have a lot in common. They are both known for their promiscuity, as well as their shared love of hard liquor and the heartbreaking excitement of adventure. In an interview with TSB RFNash went into detail about why she finds their relationship so irresistible.

“My favorite relationship is Pam and Archer,” the actor explained to the publication. “I think Pam is the only person who really understands him and doesn’t judge him for it – because Pam doesn’t judge anyone for anything because she’s like, ‘Who am I to judge?’ It’s so wonderful about Pam.”

Pam’s optimism and Archer’s flippant turn into a truly great joke, an unexpected chemistry that the writers took full advantage of. Their compatibility even leads to a brief agreement of friends with benefits. However, the most satisfying part of Archer and Pam’s relationship is their ability to be brutally honest with each other. You can’t take a hit with these two! Even when they make fun of each other, it’s clear that they come from genuine affection and respect.

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