Are Anna Venture and Bill Negi dating? This is gossip.

Is a famous fashion director. Anna Venture Dating Love Actually Actor Bill Negi.? It definitely looks like this! The couple has been together several times in the last few months., So they’ve definitely sent the gossip mill to overdrive.

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During a holiday in Rome last month, Vogue United States The editor and veteran actor, both 71, were spotted eating together at an upmarket restaurant. پیئرلوگی۔. Just a friendly catch-up? Oh no. For one of their meetings, Bill – who seems quite old romantic – arrived with a handful of classic red roses and presented them as soon as Anna arrived.

So what’s going on between the two of them? Is this a serious thing that is unfolding between them, or are they just keeping it comfortable? Let’s find out

Anna recently went through a divorce.

Just last year, Anna went through a difficult split with her husband Shelby Bryan. He and a Texan telecom businessman have been married since 1997 (although it is rumored that the couple never did. in fact Tied the knot), and were often sensational in the media at the time as an influential power couple. Anna has two older children, Charles, 36, and Bee, 33, from their first marriage to David Schaefer, a professor of psychiatry.

It was hard to break even though it only officially ended in 2020, before that the couple had been away from each other for many years, during which time they had been dating other people freely.

Bill has also gone through a severe divorce.

Anna is not the only one who is going through a severe separation together after so many years. Bill is separated from his wife of 28 years, fellow English actress Diana Quick, 74, back in 2008, and has been recovering from severe divisions ever since. The couple shared a daughter, Mary, 37. Although it’s been several years since their divorce, Bill is about to start a new relationship, so it’s no surprise that he and Anna seem to be slowly taking things in stride.

They’ve probably been seeing each other since 2015.

You may be surprised to hear that this is nothing new. About time Actors and Vogue Chief Editor. Rumors that they have been seeing each other romantically since 2015 have been seen together in major fashion shows, theaters and restaurants around London and New York City. Things were difficult at the time, however, Anna was still officially married to her husband Shelby. So they were inclined to keep things quiet. Bill was sensible when asked about their relationship, and generally refused to comment on it – out of respect for Anna, who is notoriously private.

In 2015, when asked about him and Anna, he replied: “Obviously I have nothing to say about it. There are a lot of rumors about me and maybe Anna Ventur.. ”

Anna hasn’t made things ‘official’ yet.

Clearly, the couple is not yet ready to go public about their relationship. Anna has yet to bring Bill to the red carpet events as a couple, two weeks ago at the Met Gala, which Anna has always attended as the Institute’s chairwoman since 1995. Bill is significantly absent. Was Anna chose to invite her daughter Bee. Maybe they are not ready to go out together in big events yet.

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They have a lot of romantic dinner dates.

Bill and Anna have been seen together in several restaurants, but it was their date in Rome last month that really sparked speculation. Anna, dressed in a beautiful green veil, was greeted by Bill, who came to a high-end meal with a red rose (classic!) And two dinosaur frescoes. He was seen engaging in close conversation, Anna glowing and occasionally looking deep into Bill’s eyes. As soon as he left, Anna gave Bill a big hug. Yes it can be love in fact

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So what does the future hold for both of them?

It is not entirely clear what the next steps for the couple will be. Anna is famously far away and keeps all her relationships at arm’s length. She is also a mystery to some of her close friends who have known her for years, so it may take a while for Bill to really get close to her and take their romance to the next level. Both are also exceptionally busy professionals, so it can be difficult to find time to meet between your crazy schedules. However, they seem to be making time for each other, and enjoying spending time together in a relaxed atmosphere. Hey what’s the hurry

What is clear is that Bill is definitely an old romance and is really trying to lure Anna to her best potential. And she seems very receptive to it!

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