Are former co-stars Henry Kewell and Army Hammer close in real life?

Henry Kewell On and off camera is known for matching well with its fellow stars. The actor often chats with his famous friends on Instagram, including them. Fall out Co-star Tom Cruise Also known for keeping. Long lasting friendships with the people he has worked with.. But on the one hand Impossible mission The star, Kewell, also had a bit of a romance with her. Recently the controversial army hammer..

The duo reached their peak when they were promoting their 2015 action film, Man from UNCLE. At the time, Twitter could not handle the closeness of the two. Of Call me by your name Actor He even responded to thirsty tweets from fans and teased Kewal on Instagram. Take a closer look at their friendship here.

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The beginning of their friendship.

everyone Man from UNCLE. There was a close relationship. Kewell was also seen commenting on the film’s director Guy Richie’s Instagram. But interestingly, Kewell and Hammer became closer despite playing rival spies.

“I now consider Henry a friend after making this film.” The hammer said. Inquirer In 2015. “We had such a good time. We weren’t really thinking about making it a friendly film because our characters hated each other all the time. But it worked well.”

The actor added that even though they did not meet before the shooting of the film, working with their co-star was more of a collaboration than a competition. “It was the first time we met,” he said. Rebecca The star’s revelation He also said that the conversation before his filming was a casual introduction email.

“The relationship really comes from the countless hours he spent with the cow in his living room,” Hammer added. “Rehearsing and talking about scenes, drinking, chopping wood and walking around.” They definitely made a strong connection there.

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In 2018, Kewell posted a photo on Instagram with the caption: “Guess where I am? Disclaimer: Please don’t try to find me in the hills, I’m probably not there yet.” Hammer was spotted in the comments above, saying: “I’ll give this address to the highest bidder.”

For some screen couples, closeness usually ends when they promote their projects. So the fans were happy to talk to the two three years later. Man from UNCLE.

Netizens were particularly impressed in 2017 when Kewell left a sweet message on Hammer’s post about welcoming his second son, Ford Armand Douglas, with his wife, Elizabeth. Of Man of steel. The actor wrote: “I’ve been to this party for a while but congratulations to all of you friends from the bottom of my heart! Congratulations to another member of the Clan Hammer

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Army Hammer is Henry Kewell’s # 1 fanboy.

Over the years, fans have noticed that Kewell seems restless and strange to the public. For example, when Tom Cruise compliments his famous bishop reload. Fall out, Enola Homes. The star will look down and smile. So imagine when the hammer will not stop teasing it in public as in the video below.

Social Network. The actor will also entertain the thirsty tweets of Kewell fans returning in 2017: “Army Hammer. If you ever see Henry Kewell, can you kiss him on my part?” The hammer replied: “He said I am not allowed to kiss him anymore … sorry.” The fan joked that it was okay and he would just ask Ben Affleck, who was Kewell’s co-star. Batman vs. Superman. And Justice League.

Are Army Hammer and Henry Kewell still friends?

Given the lifestyle of the actors, it is difficult to say whether they have maintained their closeness till 2018. “I don’t live a very public life,” Hammer said in 2015. “It’s my own design and creation. I rarely leave my home unless I’m with my family. We don’t talk much about it.” When it comes to his personal life. If so, Kewell also sets the same limits.

“Dear fans and followers, I wanted to announce a small community. I couldn’t help but notice that there was some social animosity lately. Viscos.” It’s becoming increasingly common on my feed. A lot has happened, let’s call it speculation about our personal lives and professional partnerships. ”

The actor also said that rumors about his work and personal affiliations were “negative” and now it was time to put an end to them. “I know it can be fun to gossip, gossip, and dive into my private echo chambers on the Internet, but your ‘passion’ is in the wrong place, and it hurts the people I love.” I care more. ” So it’s probably best for aspiring fans not to ask him about his current relationship with Hammer.

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