Are Grey’s Anatomy fans missing out on Grey’s Anatomy: Team B?

Grey’s Anatomy: The B-Team didn’t try to lure viewers in with promises of medical miracles or hot dates. Instead, “B-Team” stands for the downright unappealing aspects of medicine, as Dr. Alex Karev helpfully put it. explains: blood, vessel and vomit.

For six short webisodes, the miniature spin-off served as a light-hearted respite from some of the heavy storylines that parallel Grey’s Anatomy. However, Gray fans could happily skip the B-Team and continue with the main series.

While “B-Team” is a passable entry into the Grey’s Anatomy universe, the web series evokes nostalgic déjà vu for viewers who have missed Dr. Bailey issuing orders to subordinates. “It’s also a throwback to the pilot episode of the entire series,” said Team B director Sarah Drew, who also played Dr. April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy (via The Pompeo Method). “It was our original interns’ first day, so we need to recreate that feeling a bit too.” If the premise relies on Grey’s nostalgia, the same can be said for the B-Team soundtrack. “We even use music from the original pilot episode in them,” Drew said. “It was fun to do some little throwbacks there.”

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