Are Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck The Real Deal?

Like most of you, I’ve seen. That Instagram video of Jennifer Lopez Getting on and off the red carpet. Ben Affleck. Several times this weekend.

The way he puts his arm around her waist, the way she whispers that we’ll never know, which makes her laugh out loud. The 37-second video concludes with the couple posing with pictures as Ben pulls Ben for a final hug before shaking hands, followed by a sea of ​​bright light.

At a time when social media has forcibly pulled the curtain on the face of Hollywood. Tick ​​tock Kylie Jenner announces pregnancy)

Your eruption is far from me. Benifer Bubble with my own beliefs that they are one of the best PR strategies in recent years. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if I show you solid evidence that the couple was planned by a team of marketing masterminds (I don’t have that proof, I’m sorry) because you blame them. Want to believe, you are part of why their relationship

From the lava lamp that lights up my room to a slightly crappy neon pink, to the clips of teenage little butterflies I bought from ASOS, you just need to look at my recent purchases ایک a 34-year-old woman نا to know that The only relief we get from these uncertain times is the old memories. It’s all running right now, not just my desire for the 2003 Louis Vuitton X Marrakesh multi-colored shoulder bag.

As much as we talk about it, we can’t predict what we’ve been going through for the last 18 months because we’re still going through an epidemic. Although we know that life will never be the same again, we do not yet know what life will be like.

If it wasn’t enough to stay indoors for weeks like an episode of The Walking Dead, we’re also facing the realities of climate change. Flash flooding, unbearable heat waves, wildfires and storms are news at 10 a.m., but still when we chew our paper straw we can’t wrap our heads around the fact that in 20 years (without action) K) We basically star in our own Tom Cruise Disaster movie.

Just like you, I can’t travel that I’m going to be 54 at some point, leave 54 and thanks to canoeing through Soho our governments have ignored all those years.

It feels overwhelming to deal with all of this and I have not even touched on the political divisions, racism, food shortages, Brexit and the rise of fake news in the countries that are wreaking havoc on anti-wax believers. ۔

So of course, we’re going to retreat with our lava lamps in our childhood bedrooms and follow Instagram accounts that do nothing. An American singer Pre-Conservative VMA performances and. Jessica Simpson Newlyweds References Before Divorce

It’s all too much, but you know when it wasn’t too much, when it didn’t feel like we were all doomed? When Jane and Ben were on this yacht in 2002, your biggest problem was how to get those pink chloe sunshine with Crystal Heart in the corner.

Our rose-colored glasses are so strong that we have practically revived Benifer 2.0. Why do you think they recreated these wonderful pictures of the boat 20 years later? That’s why Edison Ray’s film debut is a remake. That’s all, Old memories sell.

When life is this scary, memories are not enough. We need to feel a solid connection to our past. That’s why I’m looking for BBG watches on eBay, while Kanye West is copying his childhood home.

If pulling back memories wasn’t enough, Benifer has another trump card with a sleeve on it: Ax’s old troupe is reuniting.

You are very lucky if you have not gone through the ‘one that is gone’ in life. You know a person from your past who remembers you before you go to sleep. The ones you haven’t seen in years, yet when you stand completely alone on the tube platform, you somehow smell their familiar scent.

A quick Google ‘how to get your ex back’ proves that you are not the only one who has a private Instagram account for your lost lover. “How to bring your ex back permanently”, “6 secrets to reuniting with ex”, “Bring your ex back into your life”.

Jennifer and Ben did what hundreds and thousands of us wanted to do. Seeing them walk the red carpet gives us the same hope as “12 principles must be followed to get back together with the former”. If we can only go through these next 11 stages, they are the living embodiment of what we may face.

In fact, we are living such an ugly life through them, that their staged photo shoots are now a source of comfort. We talk about them with our friends as we know them, we really want them to be real because the comfort they give us allows us to avoid our uncertainties.

Yes, if you can date someone who owns a lizard, you can scroll through the capture and rage, or you can scroll through Benifar’s Instagram videos instead and think of reuniting with your ex. What will it be like to meet

However, it has no value as our pink nostalgia glasses cause us to completely ignore the horrible parts of the early 000s – size zero madness, the Iraq war, the global financial crisis and Boxing Day Indonesia. Tsunami to name a few) – They also prevent us from remembering the bad parts of our predecessors. We don’t remember ever seeing them again in our past daily lives, making ridiculous comments about our interests, or the cowardly way they left our lives.

That is why it is important that we do not get lost in the sauce of old memories. Because just like Bennifer’s relationship, we put our memories on the most ornate pedestals.

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