Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill friends?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill prove that opposites do attract. Their on-screen chemistry as partners is undeniable, as evidenced by their dynamic play in The wolf of Wall Street. Off-screen, Leo and Jonah seem to have the purest friendship, probably in friendship history. Whether it’s each other’s jokes, pampering, or just exchange career tips.

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Leo is a longtime playboy / party-goer known for his high-profile relationships (usually with models) and impressive, award-winning acting. Jonah is a comedy legend of his generation, starting his career in the 2000s with several starring roles in blockbusters by Judd Apatow and Adam McKay, before taking on more varied acting roles – Money Ball, Cyrus, Maniac, and The wolf of Wall Street. Plus his directorial debut in the film Mid 90s DiCaprio and Hill have vastly different origins and begin their acting careers, but both share a deep passion for film and acting, which is the nexus that holds this bromance together.

6 The friendship between Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill begins

The exact start of the couple’s friendship is unclear, however, in 2012, they began to appear in the headlines together. Leo and Jonah starred in the film. Django Unchained from which Iona initially dropped out due to a conflict in the schedule, but later returned to the group. In the same year, Leo and Iona were depicted walking on a luxury yacht in Australia. (Possibly getting ready for his heavy party in The wolf of Wall Street?) Their friendship went public and entered bromance territory while filming and promoting for The wolf of Wall Street.


5 Leonardo DiCaprio and the memorable days of Jonah Hill on the set of “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Leo plays more than just the role of Jordan Belfort in The wolf of Wall Street, he is also one of the producers of the film, and he was actively involved in the making of the film from the early stages of its creation, in the years before its release. (Leo defeated Brad Pitt for the rights to Belfort’s memoir in 2007.) It was through Leo that Iona got the role of Donnie Azoff. Leo recalls how the couple were together in Mexico, where Iona first read the script, fell in love with the project and decided to play Azoff. “I called Marty right away and said that there is an actor who really feels like he is the person for the job. And I think Marty met him a week later and I heard it was one of the best meetings he ever had with an actor and hired him on the spot. ”The two actors literally spilled blood, sweat and possibly tears as they were deeply into the movie.Jona was hospitalized for sniffing too much vitamin B disguised as cocaine, Leo got food poisoning after eating 70 pieces of raw sushi for the scene. and Jonah got punched in the face by actor Jon Bernthal. Jonah has a different perspective on her work ethic. “I take my job seriously. But we should have fun, and if not, we are simply unhappy for some false artistic pretense. “

4 Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill in the shower of a cinephile

Both actors are passionate about the film industry and Hollywood iconic figures such as Martin Scorsese, Robert Dinero and Al Pacino. “I grew up a fan of the Golden Age of Cinema, which was the 70s for me and all my friends … We got to see some of the most memorable films and performances of all time. … And for me, perhaps the greatest cinematic partnership of all time and of course that time period was De Niro and Scorsese. In many ways, they were part of my upbringing and childhood as I was a movie fanatic, ”said Leo. Hollywood Reporter. Jonah’s determination to be in The wolf of Wall Street was also driven by his immense appreciation and fandom for Martin Scorsese, often praising the legendary director as his hero. It may have been Jonah’s breakthrough performance in The wolf of Wall Street it changed the course of his career. Leo and Iona continue to ignore old age, saying “Don’t date your heroes” as both actors have developed a close relationship with their idol Scorsese. Leo has starred in five Scorsese films, his sixth Flower Moon Assassins will be released in screens in 2022. Scorsese will also direct Jonah again in a biopic about the legendary Grateful Dead singer Jerry Garcia.

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3 The perfect balance of comedy and drama

Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio in 2014
via: NBC

Leo is not an actor usually associated with the comedy genre, and Jonah (in the past) was not always associated with dramatic play. But because of their professional relationship and close friendship behind the scenes, the two pushed each other towards being creative as actors. In 2014, Jonah spoke with Ellen DeGeneres about Leo’s comedic side: and how Jonah encouraged Leo to join him during his infamous SNL opening monologue, where they recreated “that” famous Titanic scene.

2 Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are pranking buddies

Who knew Leo was such a joker? His best friend Jonah did it. In one of the truest manifestations of a bromance prank, Leo once pretended to be a fan, running up to Jonah on the street. At first, Jonah had no idea that it was his friend Leo waving his hand on his mobile phone. Then they hugged each other tightly. During a recent promotion for Don’t look up Jonah surprised the cast with a car fart … in the middle of the interview. The clip was posted on Jonah’s Instagram.and Leo immediately laughed and said, “I knew this was going to happen. I heard about it last night. Jonah has a fart machine. ” Boys will be boys.

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one Colleagues and best friends forever

Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio on screen
via: IMDB

If there was any doubt as to whether Leo and Jonah are friends off-screen, rest assured they seem to be very close to each other. Don’t look up this is their first on-screen reunion since The wolf of Wall Street, but the two continue to compliment the other, publicly discussing their love of working together. On a private global view for Tmovie Leo asked WION about working with Jonah… “Look, I’ll just start right at the door and say that he is an absolute genius, this young man, this friend of mine. His ability to improvise, control the scene and change the narrative in the most amazing way. Colorful ways is a sight to behold … He is absolutely genius. I love working with him on a hundred other films. ” Jonah responded to the compliment and said the following about Leo as a friend and film partner: “I have worked with almost all the best actors in the world right now, many of whom are here now. I was no longer a loyal friend or anything else that I had ever done in show business, but other than that, put all these feelings aside … what he does is honestly no disrespect for anyone. or, I’ve never seen anything like it. “We hope they will do 100 more films together.

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