Are Merla and Gul denying the difficulties?

Spoiler alert: Details of the October 14, 2021 episode of ‘Marriage at First Sight’ are under discussion. If there is one thing that. Married at first sight. The boundaries of the joints have to be checked again and again! It’s hard to get married without meeting your spouse, but when you first put extra pressure on each other’s emotions, personalities and moods, romance takes a turn, and sometimes worse!

Fans noted. Merla and Gul are struggling. At the beginning of their marriage, they were left to worry about the day of their future decision. When Merla and Gul were hugging each other, Zack and Michelle were burning quite a spark, however, Looks like the tables have changed!

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Although Merla and Gul found themselves in trouble, especially when it came down to it. Merla is making more money than Gul.It’s as if they’re avoiding trouble, and working on their marriage. For the rest? It’s as if the struggle is real, and when it comes to Merla and Gul’s love for each other, the sudden change in events makes the audience more optimistic about the outcome.

Merla and Gul started with Rocky.

When MAFS The couple previously said their “I do” it was clear that it would be easier than some others, but Merla and Gul were not one of them. At the start of the season, the duo struggled, upsetting fans that Dr. Paper and Pastor Kyle made a big mistake in the decision.

Couples like Zack / Michaela, Johnny / Bao, and Ryan / Brett were making their marriages easier, proving that getting married at first glance isn’t so bad, or so they thought! The tables changed rapidly, and Merla and Gul stand out as one of the few couples who actually have a chance to make it long.

Although it took some time to become a physical part of their romance, sealing their first kiss last week, Merla and Gul became elegant and delicate before most of the other couple could work. The two talked about their finances first, making sure they got to know each other before taking their romance to the next level.

“Merla and Gul are really our favorite couple this season!” One fan wrote on Twitter, and boy are they okay! Although the audience did not have high hopes for either of them, they are not. The ruling couple of the season, But he is one of the few people who enjoys watching.

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Will they reach the Day of Judgment?

During tonight’s episode, Merla and Gul talk to Pastor Kyle and Dr. Pepper, and when Merla felt a little advice in her session, she opened up more than she did all season. Fans immediately pointed out how weak she was with Dr. Schwartz, making it clear that she was getting more and more involved in the idea of ​​working things out with Gul. In addition to opening, Merla is also getting more comfortable. The idea of ​​moving on with Gul., Which will be a big step in their marriage.

As far as Gill is concerned, his session with Pastor Kyle raised some red flags when he said that he was hesitant when it came to his romance with Merla, especially on Judgment Day. With. Gul revealed. A sudden change in Merla’s attitude. There is a big problem for him, so much so that it will be an obstacle in his decision to stay with him when the time comes.

Pastor Kyle Gil was instrumental in guiding Merla to navigate her emotions, and to get to the bottom of why she sometimes reacts negatively. The pastor called the negativity in the marriage “cancer” and said that there could be a little more work to be done on both before the day of judgment arrives.

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