Are Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps from Dawson’s Creek friends in real life?

Much to the delight of Dawson’s Creek fans around the world, Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps have remained best friends for many years. If you’ve ever watched an awards show where Williams is one of the nominees, you’ve probably seen Philipps there as well. Williams often cites Philipps as a plus.. During a conversation with Us weekly In January 2021, Philipps revealed that their favorite part of their award ceremonies is spending time together afterwards. Philipps said: “We don’t really have to go to parties and chat. We’d better just go out for dinner and talk.”

In addition to his appearances at award ceremonies, Williams appears quite frequently on the Philipps Instagram account. When Williams turned 40 in September 2020, Philipps began Instagram post their photos along with a touching caption about their friendship.

Philipps wrote: “I would really like to be with my girlfriend tonight to celebrate how special, incredible and brilliant she is. And to tell her personally how infinitely grateful I am that we met so many years ago, because there is no one whom I would like to better weather all the storms together and celebrate all the miracles together. The actress then sweetly added that she can’t wait for her and Williams to be old ladies together, saying they’ve been friends for 50 years.

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