Are the My Hero Academia films officially canon?

Since all three of the My Hero Academia films are tied into the show’s central story arcs, it seems pretty obvious that they should be taken as canon. While the villains and strife that fuel the films are largely redundant to the overall narrative that propels the franchise forward, there are more than enough contextual clues to deduce that they take place in the same universe as the series. The creator of the manga, Kouhei Horikoshi, also confirmed in 2018 that the first film in the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes franchise is part of the manga universe. “Of course, without a doubt, the movie and the manga are side by side, and the movie is connected to the story of the manga that happens after it,” he told Toho Cinematic T. Magazine in a translation by a Twitter user. @aitaikimochi.

The reason why fans should discuss this in the first place is because it’s not uncommon for films based on major anime and manga to go beyond their set schedule. While some, such as Demon Slayer: Mugen Train or Jujutsu Kaisen 0, are central to understanding the history of their respective series, many are created simply to capitalize on the anime’s success and generate a little more revenue. from the value of the property.

Although the My Hero Academia films fall somewhere in between these two differences, they are still interesting and exciting enough to be worth watching. Viewers who decide to skip them won’t be missing out on much regarding the central plot elements, but watching the three films adds extra layers to the series’ fictional universe that diehard fans definitely won’t want to miss.

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