Ariana Grande’s (almost) perfect response to her make-up critics.

Celebrity beauty brands are no longer so ‘rare’.

From. Selena GomezLarge-scale successful cosmetics line JLOIndustry is the makeup realm for Titan. ریہانہFantastic beauty, singer / make-up mogul is becoming more popular than ever. Even the actresses who sometimes sing are now cosmetics brands: Vanessa Hudgens, Hillary Duff, Bella Thorne … the list goes on!

now Ariana Grande Has entered the chat. She is promoting her new make-up line on billboards in Times Square, in her own community, and on the cover of at least one major magazine.

Eri’s make-up-promoting interview in ‘Elver’ only revealed the details of what kind of product she would sell, plus (and that’s the interesting part) how she compared to other singers in Beauty Buzz. Feels

REM beauty is coming.

According to Ari. Interview, REM Beauty (did you really think she was going to use capital letters?) Will be released in waves, will include all the first brand eye products.

She calls the eyes “our main storytellers and means of communication” and has designed eyeliner markers, liquid matte eye shadows and gloves for your eyelids. Keep an eye on them this fall.

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Eri knows the load of stars now sells makeup.

The question that has been on everyone’s mind is whether celebrities need to enter the make-up industry. Seriously, a lot of people care:

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Thanks to Ariana’s Elcher interview, we know she’s familiar with the Popstar to Cosmetics CEO pipeline.

“I’ve definitely thought about it a lot, because I never want to go on a bandwagon,” she says. “I also wear my teammates’ make-up, like I listen to their music. I wouldn’t say, ‘Oh, there are too many female artists.’

She says there is room for everyone.

“I love and I am. [a] A big fan of my peers who both work, and I think that’s another way of telling stories, “she says in the interview.” Because you can never do enough make-up, like you can never get enough music.

The only part I didn’t enjoy was the weeding and cultivating. The only part I didn’t enjoy was the weeding and cultivating. Because makeup is a physical thing with packaging and ingredients, more and more consumers these days are finding it irresponsible to produce cosmetics on a large scale without caring about the environment.

As a national candle from the Sustainable Beauty Alliance. Reports“We’ve seen the removal of unnecessary parabens and chemicals over the last few years and now it’s filtered into packaging … it’s a movement that’s gaining momentum.”

No word on whether Ari’s line will be recyclable / sustainable as other artists’ makeup is currently on the market, but fingers crossed!

Next: Fans believe that Ariana Grande is moving forward with her lip-filling in her latest photos.

Madonna’s fans say she looks “unrecognizable” because of her smooth skin.

The famous singer shared a selfie when she shook the black fish net top and matching black bra.

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