Artist tries to show how dogs really feel, and what it’s like to be with them in his 34 cartoons

I don’t know about your bath ideas, but I often wonder what dogs really think. Do they really not judge us? Do they really know they are good girls and guys? Do they really look at us? These and other questions are answered by Zibang (Sebangno), a Singapore-based illustrator who recently did similar comics. about cats, Of course, I’ll never really know what dogs really think, but comics portray their thoughts very accurately, or at least that’s what most of us expect dogs to think.

The artist knows how to balance strong emotions, and the comics are every bit as entertaining and full of love as they are sad and sentimental. The illustrator brilliantly shows how, despite the dogs pretending to “really” think, the comic’s blurry themes are exactly what we’ve come to expect and expect: friendly, loyal, a little silly and nerdy, and sly.

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