Ashley Graham and husband Justin Erwin welcome twin sons to home birth as she shows children are “happy and healthy.”

Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Erwin welcomed the twin sons at home as they showed the children were “happy and healthy.”

The mother of three shared the good news on Instagram Story on Friday.


Ashley and her husband Justin had twins on Friday.
The model shared the news on Instagram Story.


The model shared the news on Instagram Story.

Ashley, 34, wrote: “Justin and I are thrilled to announce that our boys are here.

“They were born early in the morning at home, happy and healthy.”

She continued, “It takes me a while to heal and mend my relationship with my husband and three boys, but I really can’t wait to share something more with you all.”

Ashley completed the note by signing her initials.

Earlier this month, the model posted on Instagram that she is 40 weeks pregnant.

She wrote: “Today she had a full term (40 weeks!). Due date is just a guess, babies always come on their birthday. “


In the photo, Ashley poses in an unbuttoned white shirt dress that reveals her tummy.

Ashley wrote then: “The past year has been full of tiny surprises, big sorrows, familiar beginnings and new stories.

“I’m just beginning to realize and celebrate what the next chapter means to us.”

The model also posted a touching video on her Instagram, which captures how she and Justin found out that they were pregnant, as well as the moment they realized that they had twins.

The couple beamed with joy immediately when they found out they were pregnant, which was confirmed by two positive pregnancy tests.

The clip then went on to show their visit to the doctor when it was revealed that they had two boys growing up.

Ashley and Justin are already raising their one-year-old son Isaac, who was born on January 18, 2020.

The couple got married in 2010.


Ashley’s pregnancy announcement came a few months after she announced that she was ready to expand her family.

Back in February, the model said WSJ Magazine: “I would get pregnant yesterday if I could.

“I had ‘casual’ unprotected sex during ovulation just to see if I could while breastfeeding.”

Two months later, Ashley revealed that she and Justin were actively trying to have another child.

During show host Ellen DeGeneres, she told Amy Schumer that she was “working on it.”

She added: “Like, at the moment I’m working on it.”

Proud mom

Ashley previously said that she first became the mother of Isaac.

She talked about her motherhood experience while celebrating her son’s first birthday last January.

“I learned to love in a way I never knew I could love. Never, “she said. Youtube video.

She continued, “People are telling you, people are trying to explain it to you, but you don’t know love until you have a child of your own.

“I can’t believe how quickly this year passed, observing everything: how you turned around and crawled on your own, and started talking and walking on your own.

“And how we play with the ball, kick and throw, and how much your dad loves you, and how much I can see that you love him back. It’s just a wonderful connection. “

Ashley gave birth to twins on Friday


Ashley gave birth to twins on FridayCredit: Instagram
The couple already have a common son Isaac


The couple already have a common son IsaacPhoto: Instagram / @ ashleygraham
Ashley kept fans informed throughout her pregnancy.


Ashley kept fans informed throughout her pregnancy.
Pregnant Ashley Graham told that she is expecting TWIN boys from husband Justin Erwin

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