At that moment, Avril Lavigne became almost Kardashian.

2010 was a great year for Kardashian genres. خلو۔ Lamar was married to Odom, Courtney There was a new mother, Kendall, who had just signed up with the Wilhelmina models, and. Less Was just starting to build his empire.

Much has changed in the footsteps of Kim. Its own denim brand, Good American., Courtney. Enjoying a new relationship with Travis Barker., Kendall is the highest paid model in the world, and less than a billionaire.

But let’s take a look at their breakout year – Kim was still meeting former NBA player Chris Humphries. And Punk Rocker was hanging out with Aurel Lavigne. Remember the time when Sk8er Boi The singer almost became part of the Kardashian Jenner tribe? Here’s a short walk down the memory lane.

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Used to date Brody Jenner, Lugin Kim’s half-brother.

Lavigin and Jenner began dating in early 2010. This was the singer’s first relationship since filing for divorce from Sim 41 Frontman, Derek Wehble, in October 2009. In July 2010, the former MTV star was spotted with a new tattoo. Complex The hitmaker’s name, Lavigan, also had Jenner’s name tattooed on his lower torso.

Jenner even wore a neon green tie so that the signature green stripe Lavigne wore in her hair. The paparazzi would catch up with them in style, with their matching rocker shirts and everyone looking cool. In addition to her PDA, pop punk Princess Kardashian was close to the Jenner sisters, whom she invited to the 2012 fashion show of her clothing brand, Abby Dawn.

A 15-year-old. Kylie Jenner Even walking on the runway, which drove the media crazy when she came out as a rocker chic wearing red shorts, a white skull with a red skull and the slogan “Hello Seller”, leather jacket, Black platform shoes, and a fastened suspension belt. Hollywood Reporter Wrote: “Oh dear. Another. Miley Cyrus In making? Let us pray. ”

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Double dates with former Mr. and Mrs. Humphries.

Lavigne and Jenner were also close to Kim and Humphreys, who were still dating. All four reached the top of the singer. Goodbye lori Party release in May 2011 in New York City

During the ceremony, Continuing Kardashian. The star has been described as “extremely loving” with Humphreys – his PDA is overshadowed by Lavigen and Jenner’s rare romance. Kim’s half-brother did not entertain the press either. But he said he was “proud” of his daughter’s fourth studio album. Lavigne called her “boyfriend Brody” to the party and thanked him for “staying with her.”

The couple then posed together for a photo, which Glamor described as a “family portrait of a ridiculous future.” The magazine wrote that they “liked the idea of ​​Kim and Avral’s brother-in-law” because “Avral could give Kim tips to perform live, and help Kim Avral get her care bear hair down. ۔ ”

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He also thought it was a match made in E! Lavigan made a cameo. KUWTK – Appearing at least two parts of the wedding coverage. Imagine if he and Jenner were still dating, now that Barker and Courtney are together and hanging out with another rocker couple, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. Show

The real reason is that Lavigin and Jenner broke up.

In 2012, a year after Kim’s divorce from her second husband, Lavigne and Jenner broke up. Both camps have never formally announced a split. But an insider revealed that the real reason they left him was that the singer “wanted to settle down” while the reality star was not ready at all.

It was also said that the break-up was reciprocal, although “Brody really broke up with him” and “told him he was always tired of being her Plus One, and always went on tour with her.” The source added: “Brody said, ‘I need to stay in LA and get back on TV. Either script or reality. But I feel like a loser.’ ‘

There were rumors that the two could still work on it, but in 2013, Lavigne married Chad Kruger – Nick Beck’s lead singer and guitarist – whom they later divorced in 2015. Jenner married the inspiring Caitlin Carter in 2018. They divorced a year later. In January 2021, Jenner left a comment on Lavigan’s Instagram photo, saying: “Like it.” Fans immediately took it as a symbol of a possible brewery reunion.

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20 Amazing Facts Everyone forgets about Avril Lavigne.

Although we may not have heard much from Aurel Lavigne in recent years, she is better now and back.

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