Atlanta season 4 trailer reveals final episodes coming sooner than you think

With the release of an all-new trailer, FX has confirmed that Atlanta Season 4 will hit the web starting September 15th, with Hulu streaming the same day. For those watching, yes, that means fans will enjoy two full seasons of the popular show in one year. We eat really well here, fam.

The trailer for Atlanta Season 4 is predictably cryptic, opening with a group of scraper kids trying to swindle a dollar out of Ern for ice water to beat the southern heat, although Ern notes that the last time he indulged them, they raised his price. water at room temperature. It’s a fitting way to signal that the Paper Boi team is finally back in their hometown, and later in the trailer we see Ern yelling at the kids to get off his car as they turn his windshield into impromptu drum kit and freestyle on it.

Among other things, Ern is in therapy (now that he’s in the tax bracket to afford it) and Paper Boi is still dealing with the surrealism of fame when an older white gentleman asks him, “How did you do that?” imitating his movements as a rapper on stage. There’s a quick shot of someone being hit by a car, a shot of Paper Boi pouring champagne into a recording studio mixing board, and another shot of a black choir dancing in whiteface. All this is in the order of things for the Atlanta course.

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