Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 1 Recap

This second half of the season kicked off with a bang and I can’t wait to see more.

🚨Attention, spoiler🚨 If you are not in the know Attack on Titan, grab a bite and come back when you’re ready as we dive right into the season premiere Attack on the final season of Titan, part 2.

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First half of the final season AoT left us with a lot of questions: the last time Levi was seen being shot with a thunder spear, Eren was attacked by Marley and the Jaw Titan, and we weren’t sure what the hell Eren was thinking, betraying those he was so close to … … We obviously did not intend to receive answers to all the questions, but we did answer some important questions, and here are their results.

Levi’s Dead and Zeke is alive


The episode begins with the captured Hange discovers a bloody Levi on the ground, with Floch and the other huntsmen watching him. Hange explains to Floch that Levi is dead, to which Floch insists on checking his vital organs himself. At this point, the nearby Titan, who has stuffed Zeke into his belly (literally), begins to vaporize and produce a newly healed Zeke, who distracts Hange she needs in order to jump into the nearby river and escape with her beloved friend. I think it’s safe to assume that Levy is most likely alive, because such a badass of this caliber would never go away like that. Now back to Zeke … he seems to have no idea how he healed after blowing himself and Levi with a thunder spear, but considering he has limbs again, I’m sure he’s not too worried about as well as focused on it. reuniting with his brother.

Marley Attack on Paradis


Back in Paradis, we see the full scale of the Marley attack on Paradis. Meanwhile, when little Gaby is rescued by Porco and Peak, Eren takes a defensive position, deciding to fight Reiner and Porco, despite Elena speaking out against it. We see tons of gauze soldiers parachuting and also installing a cannon on the Wagon Titan, which we see will be used later. When Gabi reunites with her fellow allies, they talk about the “crash” that will happen if Eren and Zeke come into contact with each other. At this point, Marley senses that they are not only avenging Liberio, but that they are really going to save the world from destruction if they kill Eren.

Eren uses his Warhammer abilities


Believing this recent attack was a desperate move by the Marleys, Eren decides to single-handedly fight Rainer and Porco at the same time. That’s when we see him using the Warhammer abilities he “acquired” when he attacked Liberio. He quickly impales both Jaw and Armored Titans and looks like he usually has the upper hand until Spade in his Carriage Titan form strikes a nasty blow.

The Titan Cart and Crew Strike Furious


While Eren fights Porco and Rainer, Peak strategically reaches the height and uses his trusty cannon to level the playing field for his comrades. She and her team can deliver a nasty headshot to Eren’s Titan, which can incapacitate him for a while and give Reiner a chance to impale Eren with one of his own spikes.

Jaegers suffer heavy losses


During the battle with the Titan, the Jaegers try their best to protect their leader, but find that their enemies have already taken position. This leads to the fact that many of them are shot, we see waves of huntsmen, shot not only from the roofs of houses, but also from airships hovering above them. As a result, we see Onyankopon taking a desperate step to protect Eren.

Onyankopon frees Eren’s former comrades


When Onyankopon sees his leader starting to lose the battle with the Marleans, he quickly runs to Eren’s former friends, begging them to help Eren even though he has imprisoned them, and tries to put forward a plan to sterilize all of the Eldians. After Connie pushed us against the wall, we learned that not all of the huntsmen were aware of Elena’s spinal fluid trick, and that some huntsmen might not have been aboard with Elena and Zix’s master plan. Mikase is then asked if they should act or not, to which you can tell that she still hasn’t recovered from the emotional abuse outlined by Eren and seems to hesitate if she really wants to help her feelings or her Ackerman blood … … This is when Armin, in true fashion, comes out and defends his childhood friend, saying that he believes he made it all up and agrees with Elena and Zeke’s plan for other reasons. This is a reminder that no matter what, Armin will always be with his closest friend. We are left with one more cliffhanger, regardless of whether Eren’s old comrades come to his aid. We’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

What do you think of the episode “Justice” and what are your predictions for the rest of the season? Are you glad to be back Attack on Titan? Let me know in the comments below!

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