Aunjanue Ellis reflects on his bisexuality: “I’m queer – that’s who I am”

Aunjanue Ellis becomes open about her sexuality.

In a new interview with Diversity posted on Wednesday (June 1) 53-year-old King Richard The actress told the publication that she did not speak publicly about her sexuality because “no one asked.”

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“How do you include it in a conversation when I talk about this film?” she shared. “I’m not that chick. My job was to talk about King Richard, Williams family, these wonderful young women that I have worked with, Will Smithincredible work in this film. I wasn’t going to say, “And by the way, in case you haven’t heard it yet…” because it’s artificial.”

“They make an assumption about me – they make an assumption about me. Is it because I’m a black woman from Mississippi? Is it because I’m older?” she added. “I don’t know what mechanics are causing them to not process or they just can’t believe I’m as black as queer. That’s who I am.”

Back in March Aunjanue attended Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards in a red jacket with the word “Queer” written in rhinestones on the sleeves. However, on the red carpet, this fashion statement was largely ignored.

“I thought, ‘Why aren’t more people paying attention to this?’ And I thought they probably thought it said “Queen,” she said. “Not that I expected any major reaction or anything like that. One of my family members noticed it, but no one else.”

She went on to say that the family member was “offended” by her decision to wear the look, despite the fact that he was already aware of her sexual orientation.

“I am in the process, my family and my community are in the process,” she said. “I really think this is important to say because I am not alone. We see people from the other side, where everything is good and good: “Love is love.”

“If they come to New York and are around all my gay friends, they’re like, ‘Oh, we’re cool.’ But don’t take it into the house. Don’t talk about it openly,” she added.

“The way I live my life, around the people I live with, I talk about it publicly,” she said. Diversity. “I am very clear about bisexuality. I have a ‘Girl Bi’ hoodie that I wear everywhere.”

But she also reflected on the challenges she faced when she was younger.

“Loneliness that is so lonely is cruel” Aunjanue general. “It’s cruel because you literally have to tuck and place so many parts of yourself to be acceptable so that people don’t run away from you and don’t want to be around you. It was tiresome. That’s what childhood was like. That’s what adolescence was like.”

She continued: “I knew [my sexuality], but there was no template for it; there was no such example; there was no place for that and certainly no forgiveness.”

She also cited a lack of representation in the entertainment industry.

“There aren’t many novels about black queer women,” she said. “There are characters, but the full experience of a black woman being gay or bisexual doesn’t exist, so we have to create it.”

“It is imperative that we see more of this because this is the truth about who we are,” she added. “This is not a stain on who we are. This is a wonderful extension of our humanity as blacks in this country. This is what I insist on, in what I creatively bring to the world.”

This year, several stars became members of the LGBT+ community.

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