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V Netflix reality show Twenties: Austin was released on December 10th. The show explores the interesting lives of eight millennials looking to pursue their careers and also find love while staying several weeks in Austin, Texas. Looks like Real World: AustinThe show consists of 12 episodes in which we can watch eight strangers live together. Four women and four men live in different houses, and each has its own room. Unlike other group reality shows such as hen-party, actors Twenties: Austin have access to their phones and the outside world. The show is more than just a reality show.

The maturing Netflix hit showcases the lives of Abby Humphries, Raquel Daniels, Bruce Stevenson, Natalie Kabo, Isha Punja, Kamari Bonds, Michael Fraktor, Adam Davenport and Keauno Perez. Each person has a different background and background, which makes the show even more unique. Achieving success for yourself is one of the main focuses of the show, as many of the participants have worked in various industries, simply trying to succeed in their 20s in today’s world. After leaving the show, many actors instantly became social media influencers and brand ambassadors, with the result that they increased their net worth.

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9 Bruce Stevenson – $ 1 million

Bruce Stevenson A 23 year old man who lives in South Carolina. Bruce works as an agent for his father’s motorhome and for a commercial insurance agency. In his spare time, he also works with brands on social media. The multifaceted millionaire aspires to become an actor or professional athlete. Bruce net worth is $ 1 million.


eight Keauno Perez – $ 300,000

Keanuo quit his job as a Resident Learning Coordinator when he became one of the actors. Twenty years old: Austin. The 28-year-old man is very private, and so far not much information is known about the reality star. What we do know, however, is that he is one of the oldest members of the cast, identifies himself as part of the LGBTQ community and is one of the first in the family to graduate from college. His reality TV career has become his main source of income at the moment. helped him accumulate a net worth of $ 300,000.

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7 Natalie Cabo – $ 300,000

Natalie Kabo caught the attention of viewers on the Netflix reality show with her open-minded thoughts. Natalie is an actress by profession. Her further career plans include opening her own non-profit theater company. In addition, Natalie also uses her platform to raise awareness on social issues. Natalie’s net worth is about $ 300,000.

6 Kamari Bond – $ 200,000

Before joining the cast Twenties: AustinKamari Bond has worked several jobs. He began his career as a waiter shortly after an internship at Rise 29 worked as a researcher for several months, and then established himself as a creative art director. The hardworking millennial is currently pursuing a modeling career. The 23-year-old played football in high school and would like to keep doing fitness while pursuing an entrepreneurial career. In accordance with Gossip next door, The current state of Kamari Bond is around $ 200,000, but that amount can be expected to grow as reality TV continues to gain popularity.

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5 Raquel Daniels – $ 300,000

The former A&M graduate is more than beautiful. Raquel Daniels is one of the few black women to create a splash in the male-dominated IT industry. V Twenties: Austin the actor is also a model and fashion ambassador for Conscious clothing from MOYE… The ambitious young woman has impressive Instagram followers. Obviously Raquel works hard for his money, and her fortune is about $ 300,000. the reality TV star’s career has become a major source of her fortune.

4 Isha Punja – $ 300,000

Isha Punja won the hearts of audiences with her quirky and playful personality. Fans watched as Isha set out to expand her fashion line. Hut Mentalityand they applauded her when she started to make it in Austin. The Berkeley alum make most of their living owning their fashion line and growing television career in reality television; its present net worth estimated at $ 300,000.

3 Abby Humphries – $ 300,000

On the show, Abby Humphries talks a lot about her personal history; we learn that she got divorced at a young age, but besides that, she’s here just trying to make a name for herself. In due time on Twenties: Austin, viewers see that Abby wants to explore her sexuality and learn more about herself and the other actors. According to her Instagram, the 25-year-old recently moved into her own home, however, her career appears to be under wraps. Like Abby’s other colleagues, its net worth is currently priced at around $ 300,000, but it can be expected to grow as it finds its way into the limelight of reality.

2 Michael Fractor – Unknown

Michael Fractor is an ambitious comedian from Los Angeles. Michael and Isha Punja were the fan favorite couple on the show. The reality TV star loves to entertain her 60,000 (and growing) Instagram followers with her unique feed. However, the current status of the popular reality TV star remains unknown.

one Adam Davenport

Adam Davenport joined the Twentysomethings: Austin family after Bruce Stevenson left early to return home with his family. The rest of the cast and audience immediately greeted Adam with open arms. His cool look made him an easy addition. Before joining the show, Adam Davenport had already done a good job. He actually joined the show, hoping to take his work to the next level.

Adam Davenport works for an alcoholic seltzer company, San Juan Seltzer, and his job was to promote the new drink in local Austin bars. By the end of the season, Adam was effectively promoted to the company and is now in charge of all marketing and sales for San Juan Seltzer in Texas. However, Adam Davenport’s current net worth is unknown.

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