Australian hoax Kim Kardashian: Café manager describes it as ‘a joke that backfired’

An Australian cafe manager who caused a media frenzy with his fake surveillance of Kim Kardashian has revealed what really happened.

A Cairns cafe owner who caused a media frenzy after falsely claiming this week that Kim Kardashian had joined boyfriend Pete Davidson in north Queensland has now claimed it was just “a joke that backfired.”

Matt Black, kitchen manager at Edge Hill Cafe & Bar Botanica, said: Tropic now that it all started with the fact that he wrote on the publication’s Facebook page that the couple had breakfast at his establishment.

“I’m a larrikin, I just do these things,” he said.

“People who know me know that I do all sorts of nasty things on social media. I thought people were going to call me. Following, Cairns Post trying to start a story, the phone did not stop all day – Los Angeles Timesjournalists from New York, everyone who is trying to get a scoop about being in this little cafe in Edge Hill.

“It got to the point where I thought I should answer the phone and give somebody something. The next call was ABC radio and I said I’d give them a scoop. Of course, it just exploded even more.”

During this ABC interview on Friday, Black claimed that Kardashian, 41, and Davidson, 28, showed up unexpectedly to dine at his establishment.

“They sent in their security team, they looked at the menu for a bit and then asked if we had room for a couple of private guests who are hoping to take over the interior space,” he told the national broadcaster.

“Of course, damn Kimmy Kay and Pete Davidson came in.”

Black claimed at the time that his barista didn’t know who the celebrity couple were, but called them “super cool and respectful”.

“We had to put our phones on the counter,” he said.

However, after the story was picked up by media across the country, including, it was revealed that the whole thing was a hoax.

For now, Davidson is actually in Queensland to film the upcoming comedy. Wizards!his very famous girlfriend didn’t join him on the work trip.

When the truth about the Kardashian report came out, not everyone seemed to think the situation was funny.

“At the end of the day, it was a little joke and I was going to make it clear,” Black said. Tropic now.

“I didn’t know it would explode so hard. I’m in a quandary, that’s for sure, but I had a lot of support, other small businesses said, man, true or not, this is genius marketing.

“But I need to take it seriously, because we are a new cafe, we have the most talented chefs and we have worked very hard. I have cherished employees that I need to make sure they’re still okay. I treat everyone who comes to this cafe like members of the royal family.

“I just have to hope people see it for what it is… It was a little Matt Black joke.”

Davidson’s real sightings on the ground: The former SNL star visited the Timezone gaming hall in Cairns where, according to Cairns Post – he “mingled with other patrons who took the opportunity to pose with the comedian, but mostly the staff left him alone.”

Meanwhile, Kardashian appears to be at home in Los Angeles for now.

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