Australian TV presenters fell for what they called Novak Djokovic “mean” off the air

Two Australian TV presenters were caught beating tennis star Novak Djokovic after he appeared on their show.

And people seem to agree with their comments …

This comes after Novak Djokovic’s recent victory in a lawsuit against the Australian government.

Scroll down to hear what they said …

Novak Djokovic flew from Dubai to Australia last week ahead of his game at the Australian Open later this month.

However, upon arriving at Melbourne Airport, Djokovic was detained by the authorities for several hours.

A thirty-four-year-old man was detained at the airport after the border guards ruled that he did not comply with the rules required to enter Australia.

That The newspaper “New York Times reports that the tennis player was told he would need to leave the country after questions were raised about a medical exemption from the coronavirus vaccine.

The medical exemption should allow Djokovic to compete in the Australian Open despite not having been vaccinated.

According to BBCDjokovic was granted medical exemption by two different independent medical commissions, both sponsored by Tennis Australia and Victoria State.

A decision that sparked outrage over strict Covid-19 vaccination regulations.

But Djokovic reportedly “did not provide adequate evidence” for entry, border officials said.

As a result, he was detained at the immigration center, the newspaper reports.

Questions began as to why Djokovic’s visa was canceled in the first place.

But the Australian government has clarified the reasoning.

And it ignited lot opinions …

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt was asked about Djokovic’s visa cancellation during a speech at Sunrise

In response to a question, Hunt said: “Mr Djokovic was unable to provide adequate proof of eligibility to enter Australia and the visa was subsequently revoked.”

Hunt also added that “it depends on him whether he wishes to appeal,” but if “the visa is canceled, leave the country.”

“Yes, it’s difficult, but it’s true and one rule for everyone under this Australian government,” he said.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also talked about the visa cancellation on Twitter.

Morrison tweeted that “rules are rules,” and no one can “be above these rules.”

The tweet read:

“Mr. Djokovic’s visa has been canceled. Rules are rules, especially when it comes to our borders. Nobody can be above these rules. Our strict border policy has been critical in keeping Australia with one of the lowest COVID deaths in the world, so we remain vigilant. ”

While a statement from Australian border guards explained why Djokovic was detained.

“The Australian Border Guard will continue to ensure that those who arrive at our border comply with our laws and entry requirements,” the statement said. LAD Bible reports.

“ABF can confirm that Mr. Djokovic did not provide adequate evidence to meet the entry requirements for Australia and his visa was subsequently revoked.”

“Non-citizens who do not have a valid visa upon entry or whose visa has been canceled will be detained and expelled from Australia. ABF can confirm that Djokovic had access to his phone. ”

Rafael Nadal also hit the star, saying that he has no particular sympathy for him.

Nadal is a Spanish tennis player ranked 6th in the world by the Association of Professional Tennis Players.

And he had something to say about his rival after the scandal over his visa.

“I’ve been vaccinated twice. If you do this, you will have no problem playing here, ”he said. Yahu Sports

“The only thing that’s clear is that if you’re vaccinated, you can play at the Australian Open and everywhere, and in my opinion the world is suffering enough not to follow the rules,” he said. continuation

“There are rules, and if you don’t want to be vaccinated, then you may be in trouble. I think that if he wanted to, he would have no problem playing here in Australia. “

“Of course, I don’t like the situation that is happening. To some extent, I feel sorry for him. But at the same time, he knew the conditions a few months ago, so he makes the decision himself, ”he said. finished

But the situation did not end there.

Because Novak Djokovic recently won a lawsuit against the Australian government.

And people had mixed feelings about winning.

Some were delighted with the news.

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But others were not so happy.

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Djokovic can now play in the Australian Open after arguing his case in court.

And it came after Federal Court Judge Anthony Kelly on Monday ordered the tennis star to be released from Immigration custody, granting him the right to play in the Open on January 17.

And according to Daily mail, referee said: “We all play by the same rules … these rules were not followed.”

And although it looks like Djokovic is still free …

Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke can still decide to revoke an unvaccinated player’s visa if he wants to.

Dr. Zoe Harcombe tweeted the results after many people voiced their rage over the player.

“The whole country now hates Novak Djokovic, because he had the courage to do what most of us did not do – to stand up for himself … Millions of Australians have allowed themselves to be insulted in the past two years. And nobody wants to admit it, ”she quoted the Spectator article she shared.

Nigel Farage even tweeted …

“A huge victory for @ JokerNole this morning. If the Australian government fights against this, they will look terrible, ”he said.

And now 2 Australian TV presenters went viral after their comments about the tennis star were caught without them knowing …

Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern thought they weren’t on the air when they were filmed discussing Djokovic’s statement on the situation.

And people totally agree with what they had to say …

Screen Shot 2022 01 12 at 5.48.36 AM.jpg.optimal
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Live on 7Melbourne News, Maddern could be heard saying, “Anyway you look, Novak Djokovic is a lying, dastardly asshole.”

Adding her opinion on the mistakes he found in his visa application that Djokovic blamed his employees for, she said, “It’s a shame everyone else surrounded him.”

Maddern continued: “Go outside when you know you tested positive for Covid – well, I don’t even think it was positive for Covid at all …”

To whom Amor added, “Damn it, excuse, and then fell over because of his own fucking lies.”

Talking about how the immigration authorities handled his case, Amor said: “I think he can get away with it. [He’s] *** hole – [but] did they do the right thing with him? No, they screwed up. “

Maddern said, “I don’t think it won anything by putting him in an immigration hotel.”

Amor replied: “No, I don’t think so. But the trouble is, how can you justify a person who is in the same plane with someone who also has … “

“The point is, life is never fair,” Maddern replied.

You can watch their annoying mistake below …

Do you agree with their comments?

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