Axel Foley adds four familiar faces to his stellar cast

According to Hollywood Reporter, at least four supporting actors from the original trio of films will return in Beverly Hills Cop: Axl Foley. First up is Judge Reinhold, who will reprise his role as Billy Rosewood, a Beverly Hills Police Department sergeant who always wants to see Axel and plunge up to his neck into the tougher police work.

John Ashton will also return as John Taggart, Rosewood’s partner in the first two films, who was clearly not in Beverly Hills Cop 3. The writers attributed Taggart’s absence to his departure from the police force, but now the retired cop will play a part in the case that brought Foley back to Beverly Hills this time around.

Also returning from an absence from the third film is Paul Reiser, who played Foley’s partner Detective Friedman in the first two films and will reprise the role in the fourth. Finally, there’s Serge, the flamboyant art dealer turned arms dealer who appeared in the first and third films, memorably played by Bronson Pinchot. However, we have no idea if Serge’s job has changed for the third time. Viewers will have to wait until 2023, when Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley premieres on Netflix, to find out.

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