“Baby had to sit in his own poop for car ride”: Daycare teacher refuses to change germaphobe mom’s baby’s diaper because she’s off the clock

A 20-year-old woman’s story And a preschool daycare worker went viral in the AITA community, sparking a debate between entitled parents and her about many things.

“The other day I was at a huge barbecue with some friends from high school and their parents’ friends were there,” the woman, who goes by the handle Commercial_Object941, wrote. She ran into one of her preschoolers and her mother, who after a few minutes said her child’s diaper was dirty and asked if the author could change it. At first the writer thought it was a joke.

But then the lady made it very clear that she was very serious. “No, really, I don’t change diapers,” the baby’s mother insisted and even had some arguments as to why she rolled up her sleeves.

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According to Marissa McKenna, a mother of four who runs a parenting blog. Mother knows what’s best., an experienced parent will know what to expect when it comes to changing diapers in public. However, for new parents, the first public diaper change can be a daunting task. “It’s all about being prepared when you bring your baby out in public,” she told us in a previous interview.

McKenna argues that when you need to change a diaper in public, there are a few extra things to think about that you don’t have to worry about at home. She reminds parents to consider: “Is there a safe place for the baby to lie down? Is the space clean enough for the baby? Is it a blow that needs extra equipment or support?” Maybe? If you wear cloth diapers, are you willing to keep the dirty diapers in your bag until you get home? Who’s around who might be watching? If you have another child with you, that child But who’s going to watch so you can manage diaper changes?”

“For us adults, going to the bathroom is a private event, unless you’re a mom with small children. We don’t want to see or smell other people’s waste, especially when we’re eating or drinking. And if you have a weak stomach, it can ruin your day,” McKenna explained.

He continued: “I think there is a backlash when parents try to change a baby’s diaper on a surface or in a place that normal people use for eating or even sitting. No matter how small the child is, it is not right.

Many people expressed their support for the author in the comments.

After receiving a lot of feedback, the author is back with an update

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