Bachelorette’s Tino Franco’s dad weighs in after Rachel’s split

Make it a family affair. Joe Franco apparently shared his thoughts after his son Tino Franco confession that he cheated on a bachelor Rachel Recchia after the couple got engaged.

“No one is perfect. We make mistakes,” Joe said in a Facebook quote on Thursday, September 22. “We say the wrong things. We do the wrong things. We fall. We get up. We teach. We grow. We walk.” farther”.

Joe’s message came shortly after 28-year-old Tino confessed to cheating on 26-year-old Rachel during the season 19 finale. hen-partywhich aired on Tuesday, September 21st. While the general contractor made an offer to the pilot in the first half of the episode, After the final rose The Special revealed that he was incorrect as the duo ran into problems during the broadcast of the season.

“I made a mistake and kissed another girl, but the second I did it, I realized that I belonged to you,” Tino explained. “It was the smallest thing in the world. … I was just trying to get through it. ……What you said hurt so much. You said, “I don’t know how this is going to work… I can’t create happy couples this weekend like we planned.”

While the California native expressed remorse for his actions, he accused Rachel of saying she wanted her wedding ring back to him, insinuating that they were on hiatus while his wrongdoings came to light. Rachel, for her part, denied his claims.

“I was exhausted,” she said. “We were in a bad place, but … we never said that we broke up. You have broken my heart! … What you have done is absolutely unforgivable.”

While some viewers were shocked by the couple’s drama, fans of the ABC series may remember that Joe was dubious about the budding romance from the start.

Following the August 22 episode of Hometown Dating, Rachel felt on edge after stating that Tino’s family “hates” her due to how much they “questioned” her about the relationship on the reality show.

While Tino reassured the Illinois native that his father would “come to his senses,” Thursday’s post was not the first time Joe has taken to social media to protect his family.

“Our eldest son is now Hen-party, and got a “first impression rose”, whatever it was. Never seen this show,” he wrote in July, criticizing KTLA 5. Sam Rubin for his commentary on the cast. “I don’t know how we feel about the idea of ​​finding your soul mate on TV, and Sam is right, it’s a little silly, but there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun – it’s not 60 minutes. Let’s hope Tino doesn’t dishonor his name, and above all, he may not be welcome at home if he cries on the show! But we still love him.”

After the hometown drama ended, Joe posted a long list of opinions and explanations about himself and his son.

“As BachelorNation fans have asked, here is my story: 1. I have a 5-6, and a gentleman’s 5-6. 2. No, I have NEVER dyed my hair (look close, you can see the gray) 3. NO, I don’t have a bouffant (and it’s not a carpet) 4. NO, I’m not the same age as Tino, as several tweets suggested,” wrote he is on social media. “5. We are Mexicans, not Italians, although the media keeps talking about Italians. If he is really Italian, this is news to me, and then I will ask really difficult questions! 6. Tino is amazing. He supported our son’s recovery from cancer and volunteers to this day and volunteers countless hours. 7. Sandy is spelled Sandy, not Sandy 8. There are no vampires in our family 9. Sandy has more than one dress… seriously… and who will notice in the photo?”

However, one of Joe’s most revealing posts appears to have been a deleted comment. In a screenshot posted via Reddit, Joe appeared to agree that he didn’t want his son to have sex on the show.

“The first rule of old Bachelor franchise watcher… don’t sleep with a bachelorette party during the taping of the show. Good luck!” a friend wrote, to which Joe allegedly replied, “We told him the same thing when he left for the show!”

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