Bailey Ellis resolves rumors of feud with Olivia Rodrigo.

Singer. Bailey Elish. And Olivia Rodrigo is at the top of her game right now. Rodrigo gained overnight fame after the success of his driver’s license last year and has since been issued. A critically acclaimed full-length album.. And Elish opposed critics who dominated the charts with their sophomore record, calling it a thing of the past. Happier than ever, Last month.

Right now, as Hollywood’s two biggest names, rumors are naturally rife about what the relationship between Elish and Rodrigo looks like. After all, stress and falling out is commonplace for today’s stars, and it’s rare to see thin solid friendships between important pop music ladies شاید perhaps enduring Relationship between Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez There is an exception to this rule.

But in a recent interview with Elle, Elish. Let go of any speculation. That she has a secret grudge against the actress who sang “Good 4 U”. Speaking to the magazine, the star expressed frustration at the Hollywood culture that seeks to pit women against each other, saying, “It’s sad because girls are trained to compete with each other. Goes. ”

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Elisha and Rodrigo have recently countered rumors of animosity – perhaps a comparison between the two stars by their respective fan base on Twitter – by posting photos together at the “Bad Man” singer’s album release party. ۔ Elish Titled a series of shots. In which she hugs Rodrigo, “This is where true love comes from.” And the “brutal” singer has done it before. Added to Elish’s luggage. Out and about

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While some fans are hoping for a friendship between the two hit makers, it is now clear that they are not arguing. One wrote in response to Elish’s comments, “Oh, I love them,” while the other tweeted, “These queens are needed to cooperate.”

Elsewhere in her interview, Elish spoke on a number of other topics, including the shocking reason why her blonde hair died – “I didn’t want to reveal my name” – and why she finds it so difficult to stay on social media. ۔ The star also resolved the controversy that erupted when he launched a new look covering the May edition. British Vogue. Elish suggested that his decision to put the corset in the photos, his first baggy and fast-paced signature style, ultimately cost him 10,000 Instagram followers.

Despite resentment at his reaction. Vogue The photo shoot, which she accused of being “a very sexist world where women are categorized”, was nevertheless able to see the bright side of her ordeal, joking that “people are big. They are afraid of the breast. ”

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