Bani Barbie opened up about building her own media empire

Bunny Barbie is in the process of shooting the first season of her reality show, Legally rabbits., But according to Tick ​​tockThis is just the beginning. In an exclusive interview with Things, Bunny reveals that he is on a mission to build his own media empire!

That’s right!

As Things Previously reported Bani Barbie decided to make (and prepare) her own reality show after a draw and a tumultuous experience in another reality show.

Not making the same mistake twice, Bani went out there to find the best production team.

“After I decided to leave the first deal, I interviewed 16 production companies.” She nodded. It’s hardly surprising – after all, she’s been a serial entrepreneur for years, even before her reality TV trial.

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Bunny opened up about the filming process

At the time of writing, Legally rabbits. Only one episode was filmed with plans to continue shooting until November this year.

Asked what it was like to shoot the first episode, he laughed. “I like it!” include , “I feel like I’ve been in this weird place of anxiety and anticipation for the last 2 years, so it felt very easy for me.”

Bunny added that relaxation has mostly been translated into a smooth pilot episode.

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“The first episode of a reality TV show is usually superscripted and weird, but I think my flow is great.”

This is because, not only did Bunny feel ready to come on camera, but he also had friends: “All my friends knew they would be on the show.” “It simply came to our notice then,” he explained.

What makes Bunny the most excited to see fans?

While Bunny has shared pieces of his life through his Instagram, Tick ​​tock And YouTube For some time now, he has been insisting that the show will give viewers a glimpse into a different aspect.

Acknowledging that even the most real tick talk always has an atmosphere of preparation and planning, Bunny said, “It’s more authentic when there are cameras all around and you’re just living your life.” – And that’s exactly what she tries to show her audience.

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“Looking at who I am in real life would be really interesting.” she said.

Blessing trail of rabbits.

Bani is ready to act. Rabbits legally, But she is also one step ahead of becoming the show’s creator and producer.

Although she has always been entrepreneurial, she explained that much of the effort to revive her own project came from her previous experience.

“If I hadn’t gone through that experience, I wouldn’t be here.” He shrugged

That being said, while it’s impressive that Bunny is running the show, his future plans are straightforward. impressive.

The beginning of something big!

Going forward, Bunny wants to create a platform for other tickers and social media stars to invite viewers into their lives as well.

“I can see myself owning a network in the next 5 to 10 years.” He thought

The main advantage of the Tuck Tucker-led network? “We can work directly with brands to bring product placement to the show.” – A new concept, since traditional networks keep this space safe for advertisers only.

It is understandable that for Bunny, reality TV is a calling, but it has never been an attempt to make money. much more. CNBC Said about Real housewives. Using their platform as self-promotion for their business, Bunny agreed, “My show is a billboard for my brand.”

Whether we’re talking about her show or her plans for the future, Bunny is a woman to watch!

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Bunny Barbie.
Special: Bunny Barbie was almost on the ‘bottom deck’ – now she has her own show.

Bunny is a star in the year!

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