Barry Season 4 Just Reached a Major Production Milestone

On August 2, 2022, the man behind the one-of-a-kind acting coach Mr. Gene Cousino, Henry Winkler, went to Twitter and gave Barry fans the news they were waiting for. “@hbo_barry FRIDAY DAY. Season 4,” he tweeted, along with a photo of himself and Bill Hader on the set of Barry, each smiling ear to ear. That being said, it looks like production on the next batch of episodes of the HBO favorite has officially begun. Although, unlike Winkler and Hader, it’s understandable that neither Jean nor Barry will be smiling in the next episodes.

For those who don’t remember, Barry season 3 ended with the main character being taken into custody by the authorities – for which Gene is largely responsible. According to Winkler in an interview E! Newsdon’t expect much fun in season 4 from any of the characters. “I’ve read the first four scripts and I can tell you there’s no peace,” he said, adding that for Jin, “death will be the end of looking over your shoulder, that’s for sure.” With these comments in mind, one has to wonder if we’ll see the end of Mr. Cousino at the hands of Barry this season.

It goes without saying that the anticipation for season 4 of Barry is incredibly high. Fingers crossed that the production runs smoothly so it can hit the small screen as soon as possible.

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