Batgirl Composer Shows Disappointment Over Cancellation

In an interview with DiscussionFilmBatgirl composer Natalie Holt has revealed that she’s been working on the score for a DC movie for quite some time now.

“I wrote about an hour and a half of music. I worked on it for a year. So yeah, it’s pretty sad what happened to her.” nominated for an Emmy the composer said. Holt went on to reveal how she visited the film’s set during Christmas 2021. Filming for the project ended up wrapping up in late March earlier this year (via The composer, who recently scored Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi series, also revealed how she landed her ill-fated DC job. “Adeel and Bilal loved Loki so much, and that’s why I was chosen to write the music for Batgirl,” Holt said. The composer received almost unanimous acclaim for his synthesizer and theremin score for Loki. Mashable saying that “Holt gives ‘Loki’ a sound that is both creepy and playful.”

Holt was unable to reveal the musical direction her Batgirl score might take. Regardless, Holt made it clear that the whole situation was disappointing. “It’s a shame that after all this time he won’t be in the world, like I wasted a year on him. […] I think it’s a huge shame. It was nice to work with the people involved, but that’s all I can say,” Holt said.

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