Batgirl fans just got terrible news

On August 2, it became known that Warner Bros. allegedly plans to shelve his Batgirl movie despite the project being in production. The update was originally announced New York Post, who cited an unnamed Hollywood insider as his source. Since then, publications such as Wrapper also revealed the studio’s plans not to release the film.

While nothing has been officially confirmed at the time of writing, canceling Batgirl entirely would be an extreme move. According to The Wrap and The New York Post, the studio’s desire to take the DCEU in a different direction was an important factor in the decision. This comes on the heels of Warner’s sale to Discovery earlier in 2022, with former Discovery head David Zaslav taking over the studio as it attempts to chart a course for its most profitable media properties (via Reuters). From the beginning, there have been rumors about how the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery will impact the DCEU. In May, The Wonder Twins was canceled on HBO Max.

Despite The New York Post reporting that Batgirl received poor reviews in test screenings, sources speaking to Diversity contend that the quality of the film was not a significant factor in the decision and that the shelving was instead due to the studio’s desire to shift to big screen releases. Most likely, as this story develops, more will become known.

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