Batgirl star Leslie Grace speaks out for first time since DC film cut

latest dc movie Bat Girl was canceled by Warner Brothers just a few months before its premiere.

And now Batgirl herself, Leslie Grace, has spoken of the devastating news.

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She shared that despite the surprise announcement, she is still “proud” of all the work she and the crew put in over the “seven months” of filming.

Filming took place in Glasgow, Scotland, which was converted to the city of Gotham for the project.

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But it looks like the movie, which is reportedly worth $90 million, won’t hit the big screen. or streaming site HBO Max as previously planned.

The unexpected move by Warner Brothers will certainly shock fans, who have been clamoring for the film ever since.

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It’s coming supposedly after test screenings, pending release, failed. In fact, the film was so poorly received by moviegoers that the studio decided it was better to cut the film than risk DC’s reputation.

“They think the unspeakable Batgirl will be irreparable,” the source said. New York Post.

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Eyebrows first rose when Bat Girl was not picked up at the DC San Diego Comic-Con panel in July, which was commonly used to boost publicity for the upcoming film.

And now the reason why has been confirmed. But the directors of the film, Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah, who became famous for their production Bad boys for lifemaddened by the news.

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In an Instagram post, they said they were “saddened and shocked” by Warner Brother’s decision to pull out of the film, which starred Hollywood celebrities such as Michael Keaton, J.K. Simmons and Brendan Fraser.

They wrote: “We still can’t believe it. As directors, it is very important that our work is shown to the audience, and although the film is far from complete, we want fans around the world to have the opportunity to see and accept the final cut for themselves.”

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“Our amazing cast and crew have done a great job and worked hard to bring Bat Girl to life. We are always grateful to be part of this team,” they added.

They went on to thank everyone who helped make the film, “especially the great Leslie Grace, who portrayed Batgirl with such passion, dedication and humanity.

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“In any case, it was a privilege and an honor for us, big fans of Batman since childhood, to be part of the DCEU, even if it was only for a short time. Batgirl For Life,” the couple added.

Shortly after their announcement, Leslie Grace took to social media to share her statement about the unexpected move.

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Grace, star of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s film. in the heights, wrote: “Querida familia! Following the recent news of our film Batgirl, I am proud of the love, hard work and intent that all of our incredible cast and tireless team has put into this film over the course of seven months in Scotland.”

She continued, “I’m happy to have worked among absolute greats and forged lifelong relationships!”

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Grace concluded her post by saying, “To every Batgirl fan, THANK YOU for the love and faith in allowing me to put on the cape and be, as Babs best said, ‘my fucking hero!'”

The news devastated fans, with many expressing their outrage on social media. One Disgruntled Fan tweeted: “If the Batgirl cancellation rumors are true, there is absolutely no excuse for this. Leslie Grace deserves better. Brendan Fraser deserves more. Michael Keaton deserves more. The fans deserve better. Batgirl deserves better!”

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Other commented: “If it hadn’t been cancelled, Batgirl would have been: One of the first, if not the first, superhero films to star a Latino actress – One of the first superhero films to feature a transgender person playing a transgender person – BRENDAN FRAZER’S RETURN TO THE BIG SCREEN!”

You can see Lesley Grace’s heartbreaking post here.

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