Beauty Breakout Issa Rae includes $1,000 cream

Issa Ray Tayo Kuku Jr.

Issa RayThe 2022 Emmy look was perfect for the books. The actress garnered everyone’s attention at the ceremony when she celebrated the release of her hit HBO series. Unreliablewhich received three nominations in the last season.

The 37-year-old California native arrived at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Monday, September 12, wearing a special black and white Sergio Hudson gown. The tight dress accentuated her curves and featured a sexy cutout at the bodice. Although the comedian’s outfit will be remembered forever, it was her glamor that stood out from the others. Us.

Small the star looked like a golden dream thanks to her makeup artist, Joanna Simkin. Her beat had stunning backlighting and a dramatic winged liner. “I was inspired by both the geometric pattern of her dress and the fact that she was nominated for her final season of Insecure,” Simkin said. Us weeklyhave exclusively. “I wanted her to look timeless [but didn’t want] appearance to compete with the dress, but rather emphasize how strong and powerful she looks.”

For this beauty guru prepared Ray’s skin with Lancer’s Legacy Eye Careto make sure “Issa’s eyes are ready for the red carpet.” Simkin then moistened the producer’s face Lancer’s Legacy Youth Care, which sells for a whopping $1,000 price tag. Moisturizing did not stop there, Simkin also applied Lancer’s Omega Moisturizing Oil all over Ray’s body.

Next, the painting began. Using all elf Cosmetics products, Simkin started with C-Bright putty primer. “I’ve always loved vitamin C primers and this one really boosted Issa’s radiance, keeping her makeup on all night,” she explained, adding, “A primer is the key to the awards.”

Beauty Issa Rae at the Emmys 2022

Issa Ray Joanna Simkin

After that, the glamor expert came in with a new Halo Glow Fluid Filter, which was launched this year and went viral on TikTok, is in shade 8 saturated. The product delivers a shimmery yet subtle sheen that can be captured on camera. Simkin then used the line Small eye shadow in truffle shade, which comes with a budget price of $3. “Two neutrals outlined Issa’s eyes, while a smooth black created a beautiful smoky and well-defined line.”

As for how fans can recreate Rae’s look at home, Simkin said, “Be sure to dampen the sponge before applying foundation.” She explained that the sponge will help you “not soak up too much product, and the moisture will allow the sponge to bounce on the skin and create a seamless finish.”

Simkin added that when working with Lovebirds a star, she strives to emphasize her natural beauty. “Her radiance is my number one priority and using products that enhance her beautiful skin tone and radiance will always be the first thing I think about, not color matching,” she shared.

Beauty Issa Rae at the Emmys 2022

Issa Ray Tayo Kuku Jr.

Ray’s image was completed with a straight straight bob, which was brought to life by the famous hairdresser. Felicia Leatherwood.

The actress was nominated for the Best Actress in a Comedy Series award for her role as Issa in Unreliablebut lost Khaki star Gene Smart. The series was also nominated for Outstanding Cinematography in a Single Camera Series and Outstanding Single Camera Editing in a Comedy Series.

The show premiered in 2016 and ran for five seasons before ending in 2021. The HBO comedy followed the character Rae as she struggled with friendships, relationships, and career challenges while living in Los Angeles.

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