Becky Hill gets engaged after offering an exotic getaway

Singer Becky Hill announced her engagement after a romantic trip to the Maldives.

Becky Hill gets engaged after offering an exotic getaway

Singer Becky Hill announced that she was engaged to Charlie’s boyfriend after he proposed to her on a private island in the Maldives.

The 27-year-old Lose Control singer is thrilled to be surprised by her partner on the last day of their luxury vacation. She excitedly took to social media to showcase her stunning sapphire ring while kissing her new fiancé on an exotic sandy beach.

She took to social media to tell her: “Our last night in paradise! @thatcharlieg took me on a private tour of a desert island yesterday … I did an open water diving course today and was going to have dinner on the beach for the last time, thank you very much @siyamworld for staying. ”


Sharing a photo of a couple kissing on a white sandy beach, as well as a picture of her sparkling sapphire and diamond ring, she wrote: “It turns out that he really likes me.”

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It’s been an exciting year for Hill with her debut album, “Only Honest on the Weekend,” released last summer, eight years after she first hit the spot in the first episode of the UK version of the series. Sound. The singer admitted she signed up for a talent show just to get away from her term paper

Becky Hill became a fagot last year

Becky and Charlie have been together for almost six years, but she recently told the press that she identifies as queer. Becky’s new fiancé works in the event industry, but prefers to remain in the shadows despite her fame.

She said, “One of that I found especially difficult was talking about my weirdness in different countries.” Queer has come to mean someone who does not identify as heterosexual or gender binary.

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She told the press that it is difficult for her to honestly ask questions about her sexual orientation abroad. “I answered very honestly, as I would always answer any question I am asked,” she said of the awkward interview in Poland. on the same day as we. ”

The singer added: “Everyone should enter the 21st century, everyone should get used to the idea that queer people are here and will not go anywhere.

She said Attitude: “I felt like an impostor because I had a boyfriend for five and a half years.… Now I feel much better under the gay umbrella.

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