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Since my interview with Howard Stern, Ben Affleck dealing with the consequences of his comments about his divorce from Jennifer Garner, actor recently clarified what he meant when he told stern He felt “trapped” during the former couple’s wedding. – recalling his struggles with alcoholism and others. But it looks like Affleck may have troubled more than just the internet. Jennifer LopezThe reported reaction to the way Affleck discussed his divorce from Garner also wasn’t particularly positive.

a source spoke to page six claimed that Lopez is “upset” after Affleck’s conversation with Stern. “She’s being drawn into it because she’s dating him,” the source continued. “She doesn’t want to be dragged into this.” with lopez perceived feelings about comments, the source reiterated that Lopez, “has met Jennifer Garner. She’s trying to get to know him and Ben’s kids.” The outlet’s source also felt that Affleck’s actions were “reckless and reckless towards him.”

But another source who spoke to Page Six said, “That’s not true at all and the focus is on the kidsGiven how particular Lopez and Affleck have been in sharing details about their romance, the singer may never publicly share how she felt about interviewing Affleck. In fact, She and Affleck have since removed any tabloid coverage about their romance, opting instead to keep their relationship and move on.

Lopez and Affleck rekindled their relationship sometime in the spring of 2021, nearly two decades after the pair initially got together. As their renewed romance progressed, the couple spent some time with Garner, even reportedly meeting with him. Surname alum so that their kids can tick-or-treat together, (Afffleck and Garner share three children together, while Lopez shares her 13-year-old twins with ex Marc Anthony.) Affleck has received a lot of attention since this highly scrutinized interview. We’ll just be interested to see how she and Lopez move on after all this attention.

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