Benji Marshall on Celebrity Apprentice collision: ‘Got a little briefing from HR’

This season’s winner Benji Marshall has revealed what really happened between him and rival Celeb Apprentice after their tense on-screen showdown.

Benji Marshall took aim at one of his Celebrity Apprentice co-stars, admitting that tensions between the pair had become so heated that HR was forced to intervene during filming.

In an interview with The Kyle and Jackie O Show This season’s winner claimed this morning that Ronnie Caceres was not “authentic”, which the hosts said they had heard from others.

“We had a lot of people say, ‘Ronnie was doing something and saying it was just for TV, off the air,'” said Jackie O.

“One day he really lashed out at me, I said, ‘Please, Ronnie, not today, I’m having a bit of a bad day,’ and he went anyway… I said, ‘Man, what are you doing? And he said, “Well, do you want to make good television or not?” Marshall said.

“I said (to him), ‘After all, you’re forgetting that we’re here for charity, Ronnie, not for you.’ It’s funny, but he’s known for doing reality shows, so I think he understands what he’s talking about. But I think he was trying to play a part that doesn’t look so good after all.”

Kyle then stepped in and asked, “Why didn’t you just knock him out?” prompting Marshall to hint that the relationship between the pair had begun to escalate.

“It’s funny, I got a little report from HR about this because one day I thought I was going… I don’t like bringing this up, I don’t want to kill this guy.”

Marshall explained that this happened after Block the star joked that contestant Jean Kitson, 66, was suffering from “dementia” in front of distressed business executives.

She then explained what happened to Marshall, who said he was “really disappointed” with Caceres.

The former NRL star later barked at him, “Don’t touch me, I already heard what you did to Jean.”

Marshall detailed his on-screen reaction to Kyle and Jackie O on Wednesday.

“He said she had dementia, twice, and I hit him. This is not a joke,” he explained.

“My wife’s grandmother died of dementia, I know many people who had it. whether he thought it was funny or not, that’s not the point. I just hope he understood from that that you just don’t say it like that… but he played the part.”

During the interview, Marshall also revealed that the autobiographical TV pitch he made on the show about growing up without a father and his desire to explore his roots could become a reality.

“Warner Bros have been following it, I’ve already filmed a pilot for it,” he said.

“They asked, ‘Will you do it?’ and I had to think about it because you’re digging into parts of your life. I never shared this story, nobody knew that I didn’t know my father.

“My mom gave birth to me at 15, at a very young age… One day I asked her ‘Who is my dad?’ because I was bullied at school about it and I saw the look on her face — and it wasn’t really nice view. So I never asked again. I was about 7.

“In fact, I don’t want a relationship with my father, because I have one. But I want to know – do I look like an Egyptian? Am I Indian?

Marshall was declared the winner Celebrity Apprentice 2022 on Tuesday night, defeating runner-up Darren McMullen to raise $487,105 for his chosen charity, Souths Cares.

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