Best Easter Egg in Every MCU Movie

The release of Thor: Love and Thunder in 2022 officially made the God of Thunder the first MCU character to have a quadrilogy. While the film puts the hero and his allies in torment as they face Gorr, the butcher god (Christian Bale) and the powerful Greek god Zeus (Russell Crowe), it also reminds viewers that Thor is one of the superheroes who lost and suffered the most.

In one scene, Zeus uses his divine powers to “throw off” the restrained Thor’s clothes. However, he overdoes it, which leaves Thor, uh, tor-exposed to the stunned crowd. We get a good view of Thor from behind, which shows that he has a large tattoo on his back in honor of his brother Loki (who died in Avengers: Infinity War). Next to it is another tattoo in the form of a scroll of parchment with some of the names of Thor’s loved ones, who died. His mom and dad are there, as well as Heimdall, Tony and Natasha. However, we are a little curious as to why the Warriors Three or any of his other Asgardian friends are missing.

Interestingly, according to director Taika Waititi (via insider), this easter egg was cut from Thor: Ragnarok. However, they deemed it too good to waste, and so made it “five times the size” for Thor: Love and Thunder.

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