Best Quotes from Christine Queen’s ‘Sunset’

Christine Queen. Is hilarious. Which we hate Netflix sell out Sunset. He loves drama and has excellent one-liners that dazzle viewers. Ridiculously rich and always dressed up and looking fabulous, Queen brings the humor and satire that every reality show needs.

From throwing over the top parties and events. Arguing with his co-workers, Queen shows what it is. She is tall, surprisingly intelligent, and knows the ins and outs of the real estate business in Hollywood. She is wonderful, she knows him and she will never let anyone forget her.

Because of Quinn’s humorous quotes Selling the sunset. Great, it was important to compile some of the best. From sassy to dirty, let’s update with some of the best quotes. Selling the sunset.The resident goddess..

8. “I Never Start the Drama, I Just Finish It”

Via: Cosmopolitan

When thinking of Christine Quinn, the word drama probably comes to mind. She’s the queen of it. In the series she poked fun of herself by saying she doesn’t start the drama herself, she just finishes it. Ha, some might beg to differ, but nonetheless, these are definitely the most brilliant words uttered in the entire series. Perfect yearbook quote! This is definitely a quote fans might want to borrow and use in their own lives. Has anyone put this one on a t-shirt?

7. “Some People Call It Fraud, I Just Call It Love”

Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset

Before Christine married her husband Christian, she talked about how she would go into his wallet and take out his American Express card and use it to buy things. Her husband-to-be at the time had alerts on his phone, so she would be sure to use the card when he was sleeping so that she could delete any notifications he received. Naughty! She then said, “some call it fraud, I just call it love.” While Quinn’s actions are definitely questionable, the man in her life is super-wealthy and probably didn’t mind paying for her luxury items.

6. “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen, Too Many B***hes In This Office”

Christine Quinn in Selling Sunset

Once again poking fun at her co-workers, Quinn states that there are too many b***hes in the Oppenheim Group that work alongside her in the office. There is definitely a lot of estrogen and a lot of drama within the walls of the West Hollywood office, which Quinn wastes no time pointing out. Always the comic relief!

5. “Every Day I Spend My Life With These B***hes in the Office, I Mean That Is The Charity Event”

christine quinn

When asked if Quinn would be attending Stause’s charity event in season three, Quinn quipped “every day I spend my life with these b***hes in the office, I mean that is the charity event.” Props to Quinn for never lacking self-confidence and knowing her worth. Those women are lucky to be working with her! Perhaps it’s just one of the reasons why Quinn and Stause don’t get along. C’est la vie. Quinn’s love for herself is unmeasured and it can be a little too much for some people to handle.

4. “I Could Get Another Husband, But Not Another Dog”

christine quinn

When Quinn briefly lost her dog, Teddy, in Season 3 of the reality series, she stated that if she lost him, she didn’t think she could live. “I could get another husband, but not another dog,” she said. She went knocking on every door trying to find Teddy and one of the Oppenheim brothers joked that Quinn “finally went door-knocking.” She said she spent hours looking for him and was really stressed. As always, Quinn had the perfect comment to turn a stressful moment into a funny one. Quinn allegedly now owns a pet tiger for security reasons. Yikes!

3. “That B***h Should Own A Sunglass Hut Cause She’s So F***ing Shady”

Christine Quinn
via Page Six

When speaking about her co-worker and frenemy Chrishell Stause, Quinn often referred to her as being two-faced. The best line she cranked out about Stause, however, was when she stated how shady she believed she was. Where does Quinn come up with these lines? She’s such a genius. Quinn was skeptical of Stause from the moment she walked into the office on her first day. It would be great if those two could get along, but then lines like this one wouldn’t exist!

2. “Go To Your Doctor And Get A Whole Bunch Of Adderall”

Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset

On the very first episode of ‘Selling Sunset,’ Quinn jokes that it’s easy to get a real estate license. All one has to do is go to their doctor and get a bunch of Adderall, “study for like three months and then you take a test and I passed it! I was so proud of myself,” Quinn gloats. The real estate business in Hollywood is very cut-throat and it’s not easy, but Quinn claims it’s easier for her than anyone else. She knows how to sell.

“I’m Not Fake, Only My T**s Are Fake”

During one of her many feuds with Stause, Quinn claims that her frenemy is fake, while Quinn herself likes to be real with people, which is often what gets her in trouble. Quinn states that the only thing fake about her is her boobs. Once again with a zinger! She’s never afraid to speak what’s on her mind or admit that she’s had a boob job!

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