Best TV Show Soundtracks Since 2000

There are a lot of things that many fans don’t know about Letterkenny, the cult Canadian comedy from Crave that airs on Hulu in the US, but one of them is that the show is essentially an amalgamation of the works of creator Jared Keeso. favorite things like rural Canada, hockey, puns, dogs, attractive people, fights (also known as “cuts”) and, luckily for us, indie dance music. While it may not sound like a recipe for a great show, Kiso and co-creator Nathan Dales turned their project into a sleeper hit thanks in no small part to the many slow-motion scenes backed up by unique beats. and crazy tunes. Not every song featured on the show is written by Canadian indie musicians, but most of them, and you’re sure to find your next favorite dance track by watching this show, be it “Good good” based on the materials of a friend or “finishline” by Purity Ring. Always up for a good tune? Check out the show’s full tracklist here.

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