Better Call Saul Recap: Past and Present Collide

The life raft anchors almost immediately. Gene calls Kim’s Florida job from another phone booth, but we don’t hear the conversation that ensued. We see Jin getting more animated and then angry enough to slam his pipe several times and kick his foot through the glass.

Whatever it said, it was definitely more important than “Sorry, she doesn’t work here anymore,” and from Jean’s conversation with Francesca, we know that Jimmy and Kim are talking for the first time since Kim made the harsh decision to forgive him in “Episode”. 9. We may yet find out what was said between them – Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have already talked about the two sides of a phone conversation in separate episodes, and with two more issues ahead, they have little time to use their favorite tricks. .

With his financial safety net gone and his heart breaking again, Jin resurrects another ghost: Victor, a small-time con artist he used when he worked with Kim. He re-engages taxi driver Jeff (Pat Healy) and his friend Buddy (Max Bickelhaup) in a scheme to steal the identity and empty the bank accounts of a string of wealthy jerks. It’s one of the many bad decisions Jean makes in the Omaha timeline, with Saul on the Albuquerque side doing his best to keep up in their race to doom.

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