Betty White didn’t need children of her own to create a legacy

Upon hearing the news of Betty White’s passing on December 31, 2021, fans were devastated but somewhat reassured. Past hoaxes have suggested Betty has passed away over the years, but this time, her agent confirmed the news, reinforcing fans’ worst fears.

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Betty was only a few weeks before her 100th birthday, and while news sources suggested that her death was due to natural causes (pending further investigation, of course), fans felt that their beloved Golden Girl was too early to leave. …


The fact is that Betty White will never disappear from the collective consciousness, even if her genes do not live in the form of biological offspring.

Did Betty White have children of her own?

While the question of whether Betty White has “children of her own” is offensive to the late stepmother of three, it is true that Betty never gave birth or adopted children of her own.

Betty was married three times, but her third husband was “only”.

She “inherited” the children of her third husband after their wedding in 1963; The children’s mother was Ladden’s late wife Margaret McGloin. Margaret passed away the same year Betty first met Allen on his game show. Password

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When Betty and Allen finally having married (the late White was convinced of this), Allen brought his daughters Martha and Sarah and his son David with him.

Three children were born between 1948 and 1952, that is, at the time of the death of their stepmother, everyone was between 60 and 70 years old.

All three children are said to have had a good relationship with Betty from day one; in an interview, White said she was “blessed” so that she had stepsons.

But it’s not just Betty White’s foster children who will preserve her memory through their own memories and families.

Betty White made a lasting impression on Hollywood

To say that Betty White was a pioneer is not enough to describe the impact she had on Hollywood. While she started out as the Golden Girl on a fan favorite show (and its “sequel”), Betty soon moved on to bigger (but what it is better how Golden girls?) things like an in-demand actress.

Betty has appeared in several TV series over the decades, started acting in TV commercials starting in the 90s, and has become completely memorable over the past decade.

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Moreover, Betty even got into the Guinness Book of Records for the longest ever acting career in television, but that wasn’t even her biggest achievement.

In past interviews, White has admitted that her journey in Hollywood was unique because women weren’t expected to be funny in the early days of her filming. In fact, being cheerful was completely “unfeminine”.

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Betty, of course, didn’t let that keep her from pursuing her dream – and a decent salary. However, this does not mean that her career was going smoothly.

In fact, CNN recalled that at the beginning of her career in film and modeling, Betty suspended her service in women’s volunteer services during the Second World War.

Betty was a force to be reckoned with, whether she was on stage, backstage, or at home. White’s ambition ended up raising $ 75 million in net worth, which she amassed through the game, projects done by her own production company, and other Hollywood adventures.

Betty White made friends with all the celebrities

Although she explicitly addressed “every woman” (both male and non-binary), Betty White also formed strong bonds with her Hollywood counterparts.

White’s peers were moved by her passing and vow to honor her memory for years to come.

Mario Lopez called Betty’s life “incredible” Valerie Bertinelli claimed that Heaven will be much brighter now, Perez Hilton called Betty his “hero.” and countless others have written equally emotional responses to the sad news.

Fans also experienced an outpouring of emotion when they confirmed that this was not yet another hoax about Betty’s “dyeing”. [her hair] as before.

No actress could replace Betty, but she has undoubtedly paved the way for actors and actresses of all stripes, breaking down barriers and supporting others on her journey.

Betty White’s legacy doesn’t end there

Though her agent confirmed her departureThere is some optimism in the news that Betty has died naturally and has not been in pain in recent days or hours.

In fact, she has long stated that she refused to remarry after Allen passed away in the early 80s, and that the best thing that could happen to her at the end of her life was to join her beloved husband in Heaven.

While fans and the industry in general will miss Betty White dearly, we hope she fulfilled her wish and is having a good time there with her husband.

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