Betty White died at the age of 99

The nation’s beloved, Betty White, passed away tragically at the age of 99, and the whole world is in mourning.

The star was born on January 17, 1922 in Oak Park, Illinois, before moving to Los Angeles at the age of two.

This is where she will end up working as a local TV assistant.

But it wasn’t until the early 1950s that she first felt like she was on television …

Here she developed a show called Life with Elizabeth with George Tibbles.

The show made White one of the first female producers in Hollywood …

“He wrote and I produced,” White explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “I was one of the first female producers in Hollywood.”


The entire premise of the show was based on a sketch White had previously made on local television.

But that was not before The Mary Tyler Moore Show when White’s television career got the boost it needed.

The actress played Sue Ann Nivens, co-star of Mary Tyler Moore, in the Minneapolis Television Newsroom. Sue Ann was known for making funny but poignant jokes about Moore.

And it seemed that her hard work paid off …

Because she won 2 Emmy for her work on the hit TV series!

And in the early 80s, White took on a role that was very different from Sue Ann …

betty white forever young 8

The role of sweet Rose Nyland in the hit sitcom Golden girlsalong with co-stars Ryu McClanahan, Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty.

The show told about the life of four elderly people, girlfriends …

And to say that it was a real hit is to say nothing. The series ranked among the best shows in 7 seasons live and won several coveted awards.

But, unfortunately, in 1992 we reluctantly said goodbye to Golden girls

White had a steady career in television, that is, until 2010, when her wits brought her back into the spotlight again.

We all Remember the ad for chocolate bars during the 2010 Super Bowl, right?

Well, he quickly became a fan favorite and pushed White to become the oldest person to ever accept Saturday nightlife

At first she didn’t want to be on the show …

“It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. It was really funny, but it was a problem, ”she recently told Newsweek.

In 2010, White also returned to the series …

betty white forever young 13

She got a role in the sitcom. Hot in Cleveland, next to the stars Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leaves and Wendy Malik. At first, she only signed up for the pilot, but later joined the cast for good. “This is just an amazing show. “The chemistry between girls is so great,” she told Newsweek at the time.

Earlier this year, she discussed her secret to a long life …

betty white turns 99 years old today 17.jpg.optimal

“A sense of humor,” she said. “Don’t take yourself too seriously. You can lie to others – I would not lie, but you cannot lie to yourself. “

She also swore hot dogs.

She enjoyed it during her Big Nine fries celebration.

She also joked: “I can go to bed as long as I want without asking permission!”

As if we needed another reason to adore her!

But today is sad news.

Betty White passed away tragically. Rest in peace, Betty. Thanks for the laugh.

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