Betty White smiles on her last outing in Beverly Hills almost two years before her death at the age of 99.

Betty White always smiled on her last walk in Beverly Hills, nearly two years before her death at the age of 99.

The famous actress passed away on Friday, just weeks before her 100th birthday.


Betty White smiled on one of her last public outings.Credit: Coleman-Rayner.
In January 2020, she was spotted running errands.


In January 2020, she was spotted running errands.Credit: Coleman-Rayner.

One of Betty’s last public appearances took place on January 16, 2020.

The late star was seen running errands in Beverly Hills the day before her 98th birthday.

Betty, accompanied by her driver as she walked, wore a turquoise floral blouse, matching pants, and tiny black heels.

The stylish outfit was completed with a colorful red scarf.

The Golden Girls star appeared in good spirits and smiled broadly on the street.


Betty White died at her home in Los Angeles early Friday morning at the age of 99.

A source close to the star said that she is not sick and does not fight any ailment.

She is believed to have died of natural causes.

Betty’s agent and friend Jeff Witjas contemplated her handover in a statement PEOPLEsaying, “Even though Betty was about 100 years old, I thought she would live forever.

“I will miss her terribly, as well as the animal world that she loved so much. I don’t think Betty ever feared death because she always wanted to be with her most beloved husband, Allen Ludden. She believed that she would be with him again. ”

Fans of the beloved actress have paid tribute to Betty online over the past 24 hours by the thousands.

In addition, her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame drew large crowds, mourners left behind candles, flowers, postcards and stuffed animals.


Shortly after Betty’s death was announced, her close friend and clothing designer Paul Atteu said: Hollywoodlife that her departure was not a surprise.

He said, “I know[n] that her health had been poor for a while, but it wasn’t until October that I realized how bad it was. “

Paul and husband Patrick Simpson were planning to create a dress for Betty’s stellar 100th birthday party.

However, they were told that this was not necessary.

He told the publication, “In October, we contacted her management about her 100th birthday dress.

“We were told that her health was deteriorating and that a robe would not be needed.”

Patrick also shared that they were “not surprised,” although “incredibly saddened” by their friend’s passing.


Although Betty will not be able to attend her 100th birthday celebrations, the event will still be held in honor of her legacy.

It was revealed on Saturday that the release of a special tribute shot ahead of the celebration, Betty White: 100 Years of Youth, will continue to take place as planned.

In a statement to the NY Post, film producers Steve Boetcher and Mike Trinklein said: “Today we mourn the passing of Betty White. person, and as an experienced artist.

“We are grateful for the many decades of admiration she has given everyone. Betty has always said that she is “the luckiest woman on two legs” who has been building her career for so long. And, frankly, we are lucky to have her for so long. “

“We will continue our plans to screen the film on January 17th in the hope that our film will provide an opportunity for all who loved her to celebrate her life – and experience what made her such a national treasure.”

The special documentary features White’s incredible eighty-year career on the small screen and features special performances from a cast of stars including Ryan Reynolds, Tina Fey, Lin Manuel Miranda and more.

The film will revisit some of her most famous appearances from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls, as well as excerpts from her first sitcom Life with Elizabeth, which first aired in 1953.

Betty was accompanied by her driver


Betty was accompanied by her driverCredit: Coleman-Rayner.
The iconic actress passed away on Friday at the age of 99.


The iconic actress passed away on Friday at the age of 99.Credit: Getty
The star's centenary would have been January 17th.


The star’s centenary would have been January 17th.Credit: Getty
Betty White is “incredulous” that she is “still here” during her last television appearance before her death at the 2018 Emmy Awards

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