Betty White’s last word before dying at 99

The last word Betty White said before her death just weeks before her 100th birthday was revealed by a former co-star in the film.

Betty White named her late husband Allen Ladden minutes before her death on December 31 at the age of 99.

Vicki Lawrence, who worked with White on Mom’s family said she contacted co-star and girlfriend Carol Burnett as soon as she heard the tragic news, P. Sixthreports

“I texted Carol and said, ‘This sucks. I hate this. It’s just awful to see people you love so much leave, ”says 72-year-old Lawrence.

“Carol replied,“ I know, I know. I spoke to Betty’s assistant, who was with her as she walked by, and she said that the last word from her lips was “Allen.”

Lawrence continued, “How cute is that? I said, “This is so cute. God, I hope it’s true. For all of us, I really hope this is true, a wonderful thought. “

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White died of natural causes on New Year’s Eve, just weeks before her 100th birthday on January 17.

She was married to Ladden from 1963 until his death in 1981 at the age of 72 from stomach cancer.

Recalling what it was like working with White, Lawrence said on page six that it was always a joy.

“Well, you didn’t really work with her, you just had a good time. Carol called it the “sandbox game,” and I think it was exactly what it was, “she shared.

“Betty was just the perfect playmate. And I have to say that she was incredibly professional. I don’t remember that she ever didn’t prepare or ruin her lines. ”

However, Lawrence remembers one particular case where the always punctual white man was an hour late.

“It was before cell phones, and everyone was beside themselves because Betty was never late,” she recalled. “And she walks in, uncertainly, and says, ‘I’m so sorry, but I was on my way here, and these two golden retrievers are running out into the intersection, and they are clearly lost. I had to stop and pick them up. “

Lawrence said White took the golden retrievers and brought them home “because Betty would have done that.”

Lawrence also told Page Six that whites were rare in the entertainment industry.

“Showbiz can be very frustrating when you meet people, but Betty was such a lovely woman and I loved hearing her talk about early, early Hollywood,” she explained.

“I read the other day, when she first started performing on television, there were only a thousand people in Los Angeles who had a television. Like, damn it, this is just madness! I feel like our number one TV historian has just left us, you know? So that she reaches such a number of generations and is equally revered in every generation, [is incredible]… “

Aside from her incredible talents and hard work, Lawrence said White was also terribly funny off-screen.

“Oh god, she was so obscene! – she exclaimed. “She had such an obscene sense of humor.”

Even though Lawrence admitted on Page Six that she knew White’s death was “approaching,” she said she was still devastated by the loss of her former co-star and close friend.

“I saw this notice [about White’s death] on the phone, and I thought, “Well, this is just an exclamation point, fuck, at the end of the worst year,” she recalled. “It was like, besides, Betty was gone. It’s just damn perfect. “

Page Six turned to Representative White for comment.

This article originally appeared in P. Sixth and has been reproduced with permission.

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