Beyonc اور and JZ look like they’re ‘just friends’ in a weird new post.

The lack of chemistry in her latest IG post between Beyonc اور and JZ is too much to handle the hive. Here is the picture (and all the best answers)

Via Instagram

Crazy in loveHe turned 18 this year Beyonc And JZ has been married for 13 years. Are they still in love?

Beyonc ہی recently said that the focus of her entire life this year has been “giving and receiving love.” They told Harper’s Bazaar: “I want to give all my love to those who love me.”

Fans couldn’t believe she was talking about JZ at the moment, and they certainly weren’t convinced that the couple was still in love.

New photos from BK’s popular IG account cast doubt on B and J’s connection to the internet. Here’s what people are saying:

They are in the boat.

This shot started the conversation. Beyonc میں and JZ shared a photo shoot earlier this week for the first time in a boat and car together in some unknown luxury space.

We said ‘together’, but they’re not as close as they could be – the distance between the bodies of this married couple is a wake-up call for Beyonc مدا’s fans. Do they look comfortable near you?

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The fans are bowing.

This is not the first time the two have posed strangely (see above) but according to some fans, the picture of the boat “is the strangest picture, never seen people wrap their arms around each other now. Keep it separate until … ”

Every top comment on B’s post acknowledges the weirdness, like these people got thousands of likes.

“Why do you all stand like you’ve all just met?”

“You all take pictures like play cousins.”

“Are you all just friends or money ????” And “Leaving space for Jesus. I like it.”

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Now Twitter is remembering them too.

It didn’t take long for the Karangi photo to spread in hive societies. Beyonc’s fans around the world are now responding to the lack of chemistry.

This one tweet has 16K likes and climbs, hundreds of people responded to how strange the couple looks and how their currency can indicate marital tension.

“Why do they seem more friendly than husband and wife here,” is one of the most common answers.

“This body language speaks volumes !!” One fan suggests, another says it’s a parent’s position After divorce). Hi

More fans took it lightly, saying it sounded like “meeting and greeting”, or “6 feet” as an example of the principle of social distance. We are the queen of public health awareness!

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