Beyoncé criticized for ‘mute’ lyrics in new song ‘Break My Soul’ after fans think new album will be ‘most explicit ever’

Beyoncé has been criticized by internet fans for her “muted” lyrics on her new song Break My Soul ahead of her upcoming album.

Fans also believe that this will be her most explicit album to date, as many of the 16 tracks contain explicit warnings.


Beyoncé releases her first album track in six yearsCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.
Fans criticized Beyoncé for her deaf lyrics.


Fans criticized Beyoncé for her deaf lyrics.1 credit

Beyoncé’s new song Break My Soul was released at midnight on June 21st.

This is her first song in a very long time and it will be featured on her upcoming album Renaissance Act I which will be released next month.

Break My Soul is her first release since Be Alive, which accompanied the film King Richard and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Her new album is available to pre-save on Apple Music and will release on July 29th.

Beyoncé's fans are going crazy after the singer finally revealed the secret of her seventh album
Beyoncé's fans are convinced she's releasing a new surprise album

The song peaked at number one on iTunes and the lyric video has reached 2 million views and continues to grow.

Fans think the song is mainly about the creation of a new foundation and the anti-capitalist movement.

Break My Soul is a dance track that will stick in the minds of fans for a long time, but the “tonally muffled” lyrics were not liked by many.

As excited as fans are for the new release, some of them are criticizing the 40-year-old artist.

Some fans felt the lyrics were “They work so damn hard on me. They work at nine, then at five. And they get on my nerves so I can’t sleep at night” like I’m deaf.


Fans argue online about whether the song was written from the fans’ point of view or from their point of view.

Some listeners love the new era and the sound, but others don’t like the fact that multi-millionaire Beyonce, who doesn’t have to work 9 to 5, sings about it.

“IDC pays homage to classic House, Beyoncé’s new song has the deadliest lyrics,” one fan tweeted.

“I think the ‘they work so damn hard for me/Work by nine then finish after five/And they get on my nerves so I can’t sleep at night’ is a little muffled when you’re Beyoncé, but the track as a whole fire,” wrote another.

Other fans call this song “weak” compared to others in terms of lyrics.

“I listened to Beyoncé’s ‘break my soul’. One of the new songs. The lyrics are very weak. I mean, compared to her past projects, it doesn’t have that element that we’re used to. It doesn’t even evoke any emotion. Maybe be, it’s just me,” said one fan.


In addition to criticizing the lyrics of the new song, fans have noticed more clues about the upcoming album.

She first introduced Renaissance, Act I when she posed for the cover of a magazine. british fashion for their July issue.

The singer marked her return to music after a six-year hiatus with a stunning cover photo, posing on horseback in a dramatic black dress and headpiece.

For the shoot, she dressed up in a variety of stunning outfits.

Editor-in-chief Edward Enninful styled and interviewed the superstar for the iconic shoot, revealing, “New music is coming – breathtaking exuberance.”

She confirmed that her new album will be released and named it “Act I”.

This has led fans to believe that a double album is in the works, with a second “act” coming out later this year or 2023.

Fans also noted that 14 out of 16 tracks on Apple Music are labeled as “explicit”.

She’s released a few candid songs before, but never so many on one album.

Although Beyoncé has been releasing songs for films in the last few years, this is her first album release since 2016’s Lemonade.

Break My Soul samples Big Freedia Explode and references Robin C’s hit Show Me Love.

The cover of the new single Beyoncé Break My Soul


The cover of the new single Beyoncé Break My SoulCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.
Beyoncé on the cover of the July 2022 issue of British VOGUE.


Beyoncé on the cover of the July 2022 issue of British VOGUE.Photo: Rafael Pavarotti for VOGUE.
Beyoncé at the 2022 Oscars


Beyoncé at the 2022 OscarsCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

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