Beyonc’s twin Rumi and head delivery were so painful.

In 2011, Beyonc Betty surprised the world by announcing her first pregnancy with Blue Ivy – a moment that fans have been waiting for for almost 15 years. The superstar was born in 2012 and returned early from pregnancy and delivery, going on a short tour a few months later. But the situation was slightly different with Beyonc دوسری’s second pregnancy in 2016 and 2017, when she was carrying twins Rumi and Sir Carter. Due to health complications, pregnancy was difficult and delivery was difficult.

Despite the difficult experience of bringing her twins into the world, Beyonc اور and her family are thriving. Although the singer was skeptical about returning to work. The ethical mindset of his workAfter recovering from the birth of her twins, she was able to give a legendary performance in Kochila. Read on to find out why Rumi and Sir’s delivery was so painful and how B managed to bounce back.

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Diagnosis of toxemia

During her pregnancy with twin Rumi and Sir, Beyonc was diagnosed with toxic pre-eclampsia, otherwise called toxemia. Simply put, it is a condition in which a pregnant woman develops high blood pressure, which can lead to damage to certain organs. By the time the twins were born, the singer had been in bed for more than a month.

In her Netflix documentary. coming home., Beyoncولا opened up about what happened inside the delivery room.“I weighed 218 pounds the day I was born. I had a very difficult pregnancy – I had high blood pressure, I developed toxic pre-eclampsia and I had miscarriage,” he told fans. I, my baby’s heart stopped beating a few times.

This fear would be especially painful for Beyonc, as the singer had already had an abortion before she became pregnant with her first child, Blue Ivy.

Emergency section.

Due to the presence and cessation of toxemia in one of the twins’ heartbeats, Beyonc was forced to have an emergency caesarean section. They Rumi and Sir opened up about the emergency birth., Carter family spent weeks in NICU after delivery.

“My health and the health of my children was at risk, so I had an emergency C-section,” the superstar revealed. Elle). She talked about the effects of caesarean section on her body.

“Today I have contact with any parent who has had such an experience. After the C-section, my core felt different. It was a major surgery. Some of your organs are transplanted temporarily, and rarely. In rare cases, it is removed temporarily during delivery. I’m not sure everyone understands that. ”

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Take care of her body after delivery.

Naturally, Beyonc needed a long time to recover from such a traumatic delivery. After the birth of Blue Ivy, the ‘irreparable’ singer adopted a strict diet and exercise routine to get her baby’s body back as soon as possible. But this time, he focused on healing instead, and equipped himself with something. Real health hacks that challenge food culture..

During my recovery, I loved and cared for myself, and I embraced being curvy. I accepted what my body wanted to be, “he said. Elle).

Six months after the birth of the twins, Beyonc began preparing for her historic performance at Coachella. To do this, he gave up coffee, alcohol and fruit drinks, and adopted a vegan diet. “But I persevered and enjoyed my full curves. So did my children and my husband.

Back to work

Many new moms find that the pressure to get back to work before you are ready can be really difficult. Although Beyonc’s job is a bit different from that of most working parents, she struggled with the same fear that was probably exacerbated by her traumatic delivery.

“There were days when I thought I would never be the same, I would never be the same physically, my strength and endurance would never be the same.” Today’s parents.). I coming home. In the documentary, we see Beyonc اپنے breastfeeding her twins during Coachella rehearsals and trying to be there for her family while also being great for her fans.

“I’m just trying to figure out how to balance being a mother of six and twins that I need and giving myself creatively and physically,” she revealed. “It was a lot of fuss.”

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Today’s children

Thankfully, despite the difficult delivery, Sir and Rumi Carter, and their uncle B, are making progress today. Although the superstar is quite private about her family, she occasionally gives fans a glimpse of her on social media. He is also known for his bizarre appearances in various Beyonc documentaries.

Beyonc ماں’s mother, Tina Knolls, also spoke openly about the twins and her personality. What do we know about Rumi and Sir Carter?According to his grandmother, Rumi is “the only ruler of the world.” He also revealed that Sir is “like a kind of comfortable father.” Meanwhile, Tina has the eldest daughter of Blue Ivy, Beyonc اور and Jay-Z, who has been named the next Queen B.

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