Biden says Trump watched for hours and did nothing during the January 6 Capitol riots

Joe Biden just talked about the Capitol riots that happened a year ago today, and to be honest, he went v about Donald Trump.

The events of January 6 do not cease to haunt us to this day.

As a joint congressional meeting was called to formally count the electoral college votes and certify Joe Biden’s election victory, lawmakers were forced to take cover and evacuate as anti-Trump protesters stormed the US Capitol building.

The scenes were truly shocking.

Breaking down windows, doors and furniture while shouting “Stop theft!”

The riots quickly went viral.

And photographs showing them looting objects such as the pulpit of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi quickly began to circulate on the Internet.

Things got worse.

And the world watched in agony as more and more rioters continued to break into the Capitol and clash with the police.

Even Trump intervened.

The former president was repeatedly called upon to appear on national television to order his supporters to leave.

Instead, he posted a series of tweets …

Where he reminded the rioters that the police and law enforcement agencies are “on our side” and “remain peaceful.”

Trump’s behavior led to his being banned from all social media …

And when control of the Capitol was restored and the cleanup began. An impeachment investigation was launched against the former president for his role in the riots.

Of course, the consequences of this event were simply incredible …

And as the months passed, more and more rioters were given names, shamed and scolded for their actions.

Among them is Jacob Chansley, also known as the “QAnon shaman,” who claims NBC News

Depicted in an absurd outfit, with painted face and horns, 34-year-old Chensley was sentenced to prison for his actions.

US District Judge Royce Lambert sentenced Chensley to forty-one months behind bars …

During the sentencing, the judge said: “What you did was horrible, it interfered with the work of the government. What you did was terrible. You have made yourself the personification of disorder. “

Not only did Chensley disturb the peace and leave a threatening letter at the scene that said, “It’s just a matter of time. Justice draws near! “

He also spread “false information and hate speech” on social media, which encouraged people to join the riots.

Gary Edwards of Pennsylvania was also convicted of rioting.

Edwards was sentenced earlier this week, during which he was sentenced to a year probation, was sentenced to pay a $ 2,500 fine and $ 500 restitution for his involvement, according to a court document reported Insider

Lin told the judge that she spoke “informally” when she took to Facebook to write about her husband’s involvement in the Capitol riots. The philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Documents issued FBI show that one of Lin’s Facebook posts read, “Okay ladies, let me tell you what happened when my husband was there in the Capitol rotunda.”

“There was a small group of young men in military uniforms who shouted: ‘We are coming! “. They broke the barricade, ran up the steps, broke the window and climbed inside, ”the publication continued.

“They broke furniture. Then they proceeded to storm the floors. The crowd followed them and stood on the balconies. When this happened, the police were hanging around and doing nothing even after the breech. [sic]… ”

In another post, she wrote: “These were people who watched as their rights were taken away, their votes were taken away, their government officials violated their country’s constitutions, and people who were not given the opportunity to present evidence. … “

The posts, which have since been removed, were sent to the FBI anonymously.

The publication reported that Lin said in court that she never dreamed that her Facebook posts would be “used against my husband.”

“Never in my life could I have dreamed that what I posted on Facebook would be used against my husband and lead to his arrest,” she said.

Now Joe Biden spoke about the events that took place on January 6, 2021.

The President accused Donald Trump of watching the uprising on TV when the officers were attacked by supporters “seeking to deny the will of the people.”

“I was not looking for this fight, but I will not shy away from it either. I will stand at the gap, ”the President continued.

Adding that those who support democracy in the United States will “win” the battle for the “soul of America.”

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