Big Bang Theory fans divided over who Raj should have stayed with

From a Reddit thread dated July 20, 2022. u/LaRussa listed which Big Bang Theory characters they thought should end up with whom—and didn’t stop at Raj. They mixed up everyone (except Howard and Bernadette), leaving Sheldon alone, Amy with Bert (Brian Posehn), and Penny with Wil Wheaton (himself)! But their choice in favor of Raj fell on the veterinarian Yvette (Tanya Raymond).

Some agreed with more than 70 comments, while others suggested Emily Sweeney, Sheldon’s sister Missy, or his near-wife Ana, whom Raj decided at the last minute – at Howard’s urging – not to follow to London. Fans clearly wanted something lasting for Raj. “Raj is honestly such a trap, he shouldn’t have had a relationship problem with someone when he could talk to women” u/ob1knob33 opinion. Many fans thought #onetruepairing was Raj and Howard, who even had a couple. big romantic gesture at the airport. “I was so hoping Raj would come out of the closet!” said u / rosi-broccoli.

But the writers liked the ending, as did Raj himself, Kunal Nayyar. “I find it quite painful that the only character who believed so strongly in true love was the one who didn’t find it in the end. It’s fine!” Nayyar said UK Metro. Steve Holland also didn’t feel like Rudge had found the right person, telling TVLine“No matter how close it is, [Anu] was not exactly perfect for him – and we want Raj to end up with the perfect woman.” We are sure that Raj will find his ideal soon.

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