Big mouth moment that went too far

Season 3 Episode 7 (“Ratings”) of Big Mouth introduces a new character, Ali, voiced by comedian Ali Wong. On his first day at Bridgeton High School, Ali is an open book. While introducing herself to her peers, Ali admits that she is pansexual.

Asked by Nick Birch (Nick Kroll) to explain what that means, Ali says, “It’s like some of you nerds like tacos and some of you like burritos. And if you’re bisexual, you like tacos and burritos. But I’m saying I like tacos and burritos and I could be in a taco that was born a burrito or a burrito that turns into a taco, you know?” After that, almost all of Ali’s classmates voted her as the hottest girl in school.

Ali’s explanation of what it means to be pansexual angered many fans, who took to social media to express their frustration with the episode. on twitter, @VimHomeless said, “The big mouth representing pansexual with ‘everything is on the menu’ and flaunting it like it’s the ultimate sexuality is probably the ugliest and most youthful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Many have taken issue with Ali’s idea that one has to be pansexual in order to be liked by transgender men and women, when in fact this is not the case. Someone who identifies as bisexual might also like the “taco born burrito”. @18:00AGES sarcastically tweeted, “Hahahaha thanks Big Mouth, how did a pansexual not tell me that bisexuality doesn’t include transgender people? Who decided this at the last gay meeting?”

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