Big Sky Viewers Now Realize What ‘Supernatural’ Fans Already Knew About Jensen Ackles

Shortly before the premiere of the third season of Big Sky, the @SoldierBoyFan Twitter account referring to Jensen Ackles’ character on The Boys – tweeted a picture of his Big Sky character with the caption “Show me a hotter sheriff than #BeauArlen.” It got over 1000 likes.

Similarly, on the day the first episode of the third season of Big Sky first aired, a Twitter user @maladjusted wrote: “Oh my God. Watched some Big Sky. Jensen Ackles must be one of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen” and received over 500 likes in total.

Comments under the trailer for season 3 on YouTubemeanwhile, consist mostly of users also fascinated by Beau Arlen Ackles. Single userfor example, commented: “Eccles effect. In love with this man and the show.”

Big Sky showrunner Elwood Reid even highlighted Ackles’ immense popularity in an interview about the third season. Entertainment Weekly. “He is one of those guys that I have always loved. My daughter and my wife love it, and a lot of guys like it,” Reed said. “I didn’t hear anything but gibberish from the people who worked with him – what an amazing guy he was.”

This exaggerated praise for Ackles is reminiscent of the actor’s enthusiastic reception by Supernatural fans. Subreddit “Supernatural” For example, in commemoration of his birthday, about 3,000 votes were cast. As Big Sky continues, an entirely new wave of Ackles fandom may well emerge.

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